agreed, theyre quite attention grabbing as is

Reduced the transparency of the droplets by 50%. Also new HUD palette.

you’re pretty disappointing with that HUD.
i own u

Quick HUD update. Also sick new doors.

That door feels like it was pasted on top of the scene - it’s very out of place. Probably due to contrast levels.


they seem immune to fog

Hm. I’ve passed on what you said to the guy who drew them:


Thank you for the feedback!

Hmmmmmm. What could this be?

Yay rotary menus.

But now everyone with think I got my UI ideas from you. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I mean yeah, but Prime 2D does nearly everything in rules of 4… which is a little closer to what you were doing. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah but it’s not his idea anyway

Edit: It’s actually November 4th, my bad


Note: This demo is not representative of the final product at all.

“at all” is a bit extreme, but yeah stuff is probably gonna get shaken up before release

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The demo is here! Featuring area 1! Controller support(not counting analog sticks, will be fixed later).


Played with the keyboard. Got killed by the boss.

I will play with a controller later tonight.
Really great demo!

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WIP room from the Surface with a redesigned tileset(which showed up briefly in the demo).
And a mini sidehoppper.

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i fink the purple surface looked nicer ngl but this suits underground more hhhhhhhhh YEAH TOTALLY DUDUUDEE AHAHAHAH!

About 6 months late but NEWSFLASH
Pixeltroid’s dead, don’t hate me I’m just the messenger LOL.
It failed for a few reasons but mainly ppl got too busy.

(whilst you mourn the death of pixeltroid watch some epic HCU videos instead, jk)