they seem immune to fog


Hm. I’ve passed on what you said to the guy who drew them:


Thank you for the feedback!


Hmmmmmm. What could this be?


Yay rotary menus.

But now everyone with think I got my UI ideas from you. :slightly_frowning_face:



I mean yeah, but Prime 2D does nearly everything in rules of 4… which is a little closer to what you were doing. :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah but it’s not his idea anyway


Edit: It’s actually November 4th, my bad


Note: This demo is not representative of the final product at all.


“at all” is a bit extreme, but yeah stuff is probably gonna get shaken up before release


The demo is here! Featuring area 1! Controller support(not counting analog sticks, will be fixed later).


Played with the keyboard. Got killed by the boss.

I will play with a controller later tonight.
Really great demo!