Planet Zebeth Emulator

So I’ve been working on a Planet Zebeth Emulator, based off of Kabutroid’s comics, And everything has been going great, until I tried something new, I tried to make it stick less adn such, well bright side is, you don’t stick when jumping anymore, but now whenevr you walk off of a small platform to drop you stick, and when you jump into the wall when going right you keep going up and up and up, but not left, the left and right keys are made the same, with variations as to sprites, and movement, so that left goes left and right to right. I’m beyond confusion as to why this is happening, I’ve searched through my commands and everything is going as it should, so I’ll post my source and maybe someone with good experience can solve this mystery.

One of my previous versions, posted on SCU’s forums had no issues except for some sticking when jumping, so if it helps, use the ne I posted there ad compare the two and aybe you can figure it out.

Is it possible to get passed the first room?

Anyway, PWNAGE!

I posted the source for help, not to be used for free use. And I deleted all the rooms in that source hat I had made and created that one with only what was needed to see the glitches.

Well, can I have the sounds, because I need some for something I’m working on.

I’m not that great of a GM user, but I know I can fix up this engine.
Just give me a bit and I’ll send over a fixed version.

Can I have the sounds or not?

Never mind, someone else can fix it. I can’t find anything…

it needs some serious work, besides the obvious fixing of the sticking to walls, you really need to fix the holding many keys at once thing (try getting right of the platform and holding down all the movement keys)

Vurtual: Sounds can be found at the Metroid Database, google it. No stealing my resources.

Smartdude: I know, I’m here seeking some more-or-less proffesional advice, I have the impending feeling that I’ll have to restart…

I found them and I need a fileplanet subscription, and I’m not going to get one, so you could PM me the zip if you want to.

You’re one annoying little troll.

Well I found the sounds but I will keep looking for missile sounds and morphing sounds.
@butch:I feel offended…

Well… you ARE annoying. :sweat:

The guy is asking for help with his game, it’s a bit
annoying when people ask him for resources
when you can clearly see that’s not why he’s here.

If it’s that big a deal I’ll send you a couple Metroid sounds
I have. No credit needed.

I saw this on Project Jenova( The forum to the comic this is about) and I wondered where he got the sounds and I found them.

Smacks everyone back on-topic

Ok, anyone, I’m trying to find out why the hell it is doing this, I really don’t want to start over, it would not be fun, so please help a guy out here, I’d prefer it if I could keep to the commands instead of scripts and such, it would save me time and effort. So please help.

I’m gonna PM you a demo of my Metroid game, so if you think the physics are good you can use it.

Ok, it’s decent, but I need to make it myself, I’m just ot understanding the flaws here… So anyone who can, Please help.

Uhh… Guys? Don’t forget about me. I’ve tried some other things, non of them worked. So I’m back asking again for those with experience to help me.