Playing Embedded MIDIs With MCI_command

Is there some way to play the sound files (MIDIs in my case) inside a GM game - without extracting them to an external location - using MCI_command? I ask this because MCI_command has slightly more functionality in dealing with MIDIs than GM’s inbuilt sound functionality, such as playing a MIDI from a certain spot in the MIDI’s timeline, and etc. “Without extracting them,” because I simply wish that no one should take said MIDIs >_>.

I posted this in the GMC forums, but only one person replied with anything close to helpful, and he basically suggest that I download his entire sound-system replacement DLL that would require me to keep the MIDIs external anyways, and would also require me to credit him and the company that created the system. Wayyyy overboard, and not what I’m looking for at all.

I don’t think you can, at least, not without run-time decompilation of the exe :stuck_out_tongue:

While that’s possible, why bother :smiley:

Beh, I see how it is >_>. Rawrrr GM why must you suck at handling MIDIs so much compared to the MCI x_x. I guess I’ll just have to either extract the MIDIs upon running the game, or keep them in and not use the coolness that is MIDI “pause-and-resuming”.

This is the reason why I gave up on midis and ended up using mod, ogg, or mp3 in GM games. But yes, it would actually have to be done via external DLL and external MIDI’s and/or encrypted MIDI files in their own single compressed file.