Pokemon Platinum for DS

They’re already going to be releasing a new version of Diamond and Pearl, and it looks like it’s going to be awesome! From what can see, loads of changes have been made. For screen shots, go here: http://www.serebii.net/platinum/pics.shtml

Anyway, I wanted to share that because I don’t think it’s known that they’re going to release a new version.

It maybe release in March or April for the U.S, so I can’t wait. Some of the pokemon sprites are updated and some are not, but they now have an animation when they are release into battle out of their pokeballs.

You are able to get both main legendaries from Diamond and Pearl at the same place Spear Pillar.

Trainers sprites now have animation of win and lose, At the Spear Pillar event it has 3d mix with 2.5d. New people in the game and The Battle Frontier is back.

if you are just a BIT into the pokemon games for handhelds you knew there would be a third game after the newest generation was released because it’s always been like that.
platinum wasn’t exactly unexpected.

Ooh, the new Giratina forms look pretty cool. Too bad I’m a sucker for re-buying the same game over and over again, since I’m not exactly affluent at the moment.

glares at six copies of FF4



Though either way, this actually looks fairly different from the Pearl I know and love…

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What exactly do you find so offensive about spacing posts for readability’s sake, clarity, and/or simple effect?

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So… six copies of FF4, huh? Yep, can totally see how that’s worth it. not

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SNES, worth it for the hilarious translation. PS1… not really worth it on its own, but it came with Chrono Trigger. GBA, for the bonus dungeons and a translation that actually makes sense. DS, for being the best damn version ever.

Okay, so maybe six is a little exaggeratory, but my point stands. >_>;

Does the DS version have this? (Or something similar?) :stuck_out_tongue:


It has several.

-Lustful Lali-Ho
-four copies of Ninja Sutra

Ah, how I long for the days before ridiculous censorship :3

I know I’m to am a sucker to buying same game, but updated onces two. Oh check out Palkia’s new sprite it looks cool.

About the game, some new attacks have been improve, a lot of areas like the Fight Area has change.