Prime 2D Demo v0.

Only learned about this project today. Very excited for this. Wishing the best for you. After running through the demo pretty quickly (about 22% completion) I’m very impressed with the game. I’m glad that it’s not a 1:1 remake and clearly making use of both the limitations and benefits of a 2D perspective compared to a 3D perspective.

Map design is important in Metroid and it seems like you’re on the right track. The demo was very linear and I hope to see the areas open up a bit more but I realize this demo is mostly for us to get a feel for how the game controls. It’s also the early game and classic Prime 1 was very linear in the early game as well.

Samus controls well. Tankier than AM2R and the GBA games but lighter than Super. I prefer Metroid games on controller but mouse aiming was quick to learn and intuitive. Curious about any plans for controller support in the future.

I adore the enemies in this game. Especially the boss fight. This was the high point of the demo for me. Prime’s bosses were easily the weakest part of the game and already you’ve addressed it. The boss fight might’ve gone on a bit too long (maybe tone down the final war wasp phase) but the variety of attacks that the boss has and the entire second phase (especially choosing between allowing the war wasp hive to drop for higher risk/reward) made that boss extremely memorable. I’m curious if you have any plans for the war wasp varieties to appear more frequently in the game. Barbed wasps and Ram wasps only being one-time encounters always disappointed me in Prime 1 so I hope to see them more frequently in this.

My two biggest complaints are that the item pickup fanfare sounds a bit anticlimactic and Samus’ running animation. The current fanfare works well for small expansions but for your first time picking up the missiles I think a more bombastic fanfare is appropriate. Samus’ running animation looks good but I think her non armcannon arm should swing back a bit further. Her running looks a little bit stiff in motion I feel. I realize how minor these are (they’re more like nitpicks than anything) but I think that speaks for the quality of the demo.

Keep up the good work. The level of polish on this project went a long way and if you can keep it up I think this will be one of the greats in the series.

edit: forgot to mention a few things.

Right click for a missile is nice and quick but I’m curious about how it’ll work when Samus’ arsenal increases. Will there be beam combos or could we use the scroll wheel and/or the number keys for selecting alt fire options?

Scanning felt great. I would prefer left click for scan and right click for returning to combat visor but it’s a nitpick. loved how it lit up dark areas.

Environmental effects were a nice touch. the water splashing from footsteps and power beam shots, the sandstorm, and wind effecting jump arcs feel great. Artifact temple totems lighting up from proximity was also very good.

That should be everything. Hope that was helpful!

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Absolutely incredible demo, super excited to see more of the game when it comes out. Is it possible to 100% the game in its current state? I’m missing a couple things and I’m not sure how much harder I should keep looking lol

Yes! It’s possible to get everything to 100% (except possibly the map?).

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I never really make accounts and interact or write about my experiences but this is so well done that I feel like doing it.
I merely saw a random screenshot on Metroid subreddit and I was instantly captivated. It looked SO GOOD. The visuals are stunning and might be one of the bests I have seen for a pixel/sprite 2d game.

  • There is so much done right that I can go on and on. I don’t know if you guys are looking for feedback so I apologize in advance if this is not welcome.
    I think Samus’s run could be more determined/powerful like some other comment suggested. ( The sprite itself is amazing still and beautifully animated )

  • Something about Samus’s jump doesn’t feel right visually, it could just be me and the fact I am I am so used to other metroids, I can’t really put it to words unfortunately.
    It’s the same feeling I got playing Samus Returns on the 3ds. Shrug.
    And just like in SR, I find missle lacking the feel of oomph. It feels weak during the initial shot sound effect and in hit/explosion.

  • Something even more minor is in 2d Metroid games pick ups usually have bigger pick up ranges to make situations where the hp/missle that spawn too far or above a hazard are still possible to pick up most of the time. but if charge beam will suck up pick ups this doesn’t really matter I guess.

  • The morph ball feels great to me and has perfect weight to it. however I think it’s worth considering a turnaround animation. it might feel even better? idk.

So yeah this is just my opinion as a long-time Metroid nerd, this demo was amazing to me even if I never see the full thing get to be completed. It did justice to what a 2D Prime could be, and that isn’t an easy thing to achieve at all. If there was a way to donate I would.
I want to thank the artists who worked on this and made such nice pretty environments.

You guys are absolutely going the right way.

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Good content.

Thoroughly enjoyed the demo (until the artifact hunt which was pretty tedious). Gorgeous graphics, music, and sound design. Controlled a lot better than I thought it would for mouse/keyboard. Took just enough liberties to keep me on board and engaged, in true Metroid remake fashion.

Overall awesome work and direction. Keep it up guys.

Looks nice, would be even better if it had controller support.

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Hi! New member here. I downloaded prime 2d last night and all I can say is wow. Very nice quality. attention to detail is amazing. I feel like it’s a compliment to the zero mission title. I hope to see updates and a feature release before Nintendo rips it away. One particular issue I had was exiting the game. The mouse pointer never released from the game screen. Had to win key it to close manually. Controller support would be nice as a full release option.

Over all. This is a very attentive game. It has potential. Great job!

EXCELLENT demo!!! really impressed. only thing…i suck with a keyboard… controller support…maybe…??? please…!!! especially boss fight was hectic with mouse and keyboard…i of course died out of sheer panic. but besides that…no complaints.

Awesome demo Guys, really, your work is kinda impressive and wouldn’t believe a 3D fps game would turn out so good in 2D!! keep working hard you did a excellent job :slight_smile: but i do agree with JoSonic, a controler support feature would be very welcomed!! One lil detail make me sad about the beginning of the game , no space pirate space ship exploration! I hope in the future you’ll work on this part of the game

the lack of run and gun is disturbing.

This was an awesome experience! Keep up the great work, guys! Can’t wait to enjoy the finished product as much as I did the demo!

I actually need help finding the artifacts and such. I keep on roaming around but I only have the morph ball, bombs, power grip, and missiles. Where do I find the other artifacts and other items? Many thanks! :grin:

Join the discord where the community can work together to find the easter eggs and artifacts. Surely it will help. :slight_smile:

Really truly awesome experience! Hoping to see more from you guys in the future, and hope Nintendo doesn’t get too overzealous with the banhammer. Has the potential to work out even better than AM2R did.

I loved the Demo!! I’m a huge Metroid fan and I’ve got the tattoos and experience to prove it😂. The gameplay was amazing and I loved the fact that there were so many details added to make the game really come to life. I also loved the Metroid fusion boss reference at the end! Very well done and can’t wait to try the full game when it’s out!

This is… actually the best thing ever. I didn’t even know that this existed until earlier today when my phone recommended some news of this to me, and I had to check it out. I cannot get over how insane this is. I love the way Samus aims her cannon behind her, everything looks beautiful and the music is awesome. Keep up the mind blowing work! :grin: :+1:

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Wow, I have been waiting for a game like this for so long, controller support would be nice but I like the adaptions to mouse and keyboard a lot. Let be serious, this is never getting a switch port.

Amazing job so far, how can people like me who are just now finding out about this project help complete this game before legality becomes a major issue. The pixel art and depth alone in the ships landing scene was great.

Music is great, same themes and feelings of aloneness on a foreign planet and the need to explore and upgrade that made similar games so great. I,m like 15 minutes in and in awe., same boat as you in terms of discovery, have been blowing nintendos twitter up for a game like this from R&D1 for a decade.

Simplemente hermoso, espero que este juego se pueda terminar y publicar <3, tambien seria hermoso que una vez termine el proyecto, puedan publicar publicar un motor grafico para la comunidad, asi la gente podria crear muchisimas cosas, excelente trabajo, esfuerzo y dedicacion, sigan asi :smiley:

I am running on Windows 10 and when I start up the application it gives me a black screen for a few seconds then crashes with no error message. Any fix?