Prime 2D Demo v0.

Fantastic work! Amazing thank you!. If your going to finish the game, may I suggest the best way would be to host a site using Tor on the dark web. In this way you would be safe from Nintendo and you would be able to finish this awesome 2D Metroid Prime in peace. :slight_smile: You can have downlinks on Tor, there would be no issue then. Even torrents are fine. Thank you and good luck!

Amazing! Taking me a while to get used to the Keyboard+mouse combination but this is awesome.


But I am sure Nintendo won’t leave this alone.

I really really want play a whole version of this.
You guys did a motherfucking wonderful job.

Well… hi everyone. I haven’t seen who’s still here from way back when but hello to the old boys and to anyone that I haven’t met yet. This looks fantastic. I had no idea you guys were still working on this. I am excited to give it a shot.

Wow, I am blown away by the demo! Created an account here to let you know you are doing an amazing job! Can’t wait so see more of this!

Hi, everyone! I’ve risen from the grave as a second Easter to tell you how impressed I am by this demo. 15 yr old me from back in the SCU days would have had his brain melted. A coworker and fellow Metroid enthusiast sent the demo link my way and I couldn’t believe the project was still kicking and in MUCH better hands than my dumb teenage self.

The mouse aiming and Samus’ sprite response is great. The scanning system is slick and non-interruptive. The environment work is stellar, as is the sound design. Super super super impressive.

I’d love to keep up with you all and this community if I can. I have really fond memories of the SCU forums and this project spawning from it.

Keep up the great work! Awesome to play this as a fan 16 years later!


What an amazing Metroid experience. I loved it! The music, art, enemies, and game play was great. I love the environments and the descriptions from the scanner. The game story has huge depth.

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many many thanks for sharing this game it has the escence of a metroid game to the medule, I will play it and share my fellings about it… again thanks for sharing this beautifull project.

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Stumbled upon this gem via an article.

You folks are doing an awesome and passion project that many of us Prime fans never realized we wanted.

Fantastic shift from AM2R (RIP via Lawsuit), going full original sprites, new assets, and full rework on aiming from controller inputs to M&K.

Color me impressed, but this may be the next big Prime game we’ve been waiting for!

From one Prime fan to another group of fans: thank you for this awe-inspiring game.

I will eagerly be reporting my playtime to you folks, and be sure to check in on updates!

Cheers, and keep up the fantastic work!

“See you next Mission!”


Oh, and yes…I beat the Demo xD haha.

Will be eagerly awaiting further updates.

So far, I can only suggest one thing in my playtime: versatile/dynamic movement during summersaults/flips. If it’s by style you made Samus jump this way, then by all means: keep it.

However, if not, I recommend a more fluid movement as you get from the other 2D Metroids where switching direction mid-jump does not lose momentum and continues through the jump. Noticed it was tricky grabbing ledges with summersaults this way.

Otherwise, epic boss fight introductions for the rest of the project. If your bosses surprise me and everyone else with minor twists and awesome scale as done with the Missile/Hive Mecha, this will be an AWESOME game with AWESOME bosses, no doubt.

Once again, cheers. And continue your awesome work!

Hi! I went in without knowledge of this project, and it was waaay better than I expected. Incredibly polished. Looks great, sounds great. Keep it up!
The boss fight was really tense! Felt exactly like it did in 3d when I was 12. Except then I couldn’t beat it for months ><
Exploration was great too, managed to get 93% in 1:20 or so :slight_smile:

Also enjoyed how you wove the project lore into the game. I’m trying to make a game myself, and I think it’s really challenging to make anything, let alone something of this quality, with a changing team of people.

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Wow. Just…wow. Okay, now that i’m done being a fanboy:

My least favorite part of the experience was having to hold the scan button after completing a scan. I felt that it seemed unnecessary and even interruptive that the information disappeared when i would start to read the data. I think a toggle method or allowing the person to choose in the future might be better.

The only other minor things were just understanding how mechanics work like you would any other game mostly. I laughed with enthusiasm plenty of times and had some real moments. Your hard work and care for your project are very clear. I am happy to be a part of this community now and check in on other fans and your progress.


feel like i’m dreaming right now, haha

I was watching some Oatsngoats stream and he was streaming Prime 2D.
Just WOW. I didn’t know this was still going! :smiley:

Was very suprised to find myself on the credits and that my artwork was still used. :smiley:
Great to find some old faces posting here, got me excited to check it more.

Big congrats to everyone involved on this new demo, pretty impressive.

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I’m unable to run the demo. Getting an error message that says, NetMission Engine cannot display properly on this system. Open in a shell to see why.

What is the plan with this game? Does Team SCU plan to make this into a full game? Are there any fears of nitnendo shutting you down? Any hope of a spiritual successor using this engine?
BTW I must say the demo was one of the best looking 2d metroid games ever…I never cared for metroid prime games but the way it looks & even plays with a m/kb is amazing.

Wow. The entire thing was just absolutely stunning. I really loved how you didn’t just recreate Prime in 2D, but you sort of reimagined parts of it, with the Chozo artifact temple thingy (I forgot the name) being different, and the added boss fight that completely caught me off guard. Having said that… adding the option for a left-handed control scheme would be really nice, I kinda stumbled through the demo since I’m not used to using the mouse with my right hand. And I think that the controls (namely, pretty much everything about the scan visor) should probably be explained a little more. But overall, it was a really great experience, and you guys are doing excellent work!

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I had to create an account just to say that you guys ARE THE BEST!. This is some seriously professional stuff. I mean I was totally wowed and bamboozled when I played the demo. Brought back so many memories.
What you have here is a masterpiece.I love the fact that you are giving it your own touch.
I like how you paid attention to even the little things.
Loved the H.I.V.E battle, the scan visor, the playability, the graphics, the music. Just. Everything.
Keep it up! Truly!. I will be one of the many that will follow this project closely. I do wish the best for you and the team as that means we get more than a demo :slight_smile:
You are a silver lining amongst this Prime 4 eternal limbo.
Thank you


So I’m sure you all have thought about this. What will you do when you get the Cease and Desist? Not if. Will you be hosting the final product privately?

By the way, I do want to say the demo is incredible. Not to spoil, but the “phase 2” at the end had me stutter and trip, and say aloud, “Wait, what??”. That’s the kinda twists that will make this game its own.

I just hope you’ll continue after the inevitable cease-and-Desist Nintendo will send out. Perhaps on Discord?