Prime 2D Demo v0.

Awesome demo Guys, really, your work is kinda impressive and wouldn’t believe a 3D fps game would turn out so good in 2D!! keep working hard you did a excellent job :slight_smile: but i do agree with JoSonic, a controler support feature would be very welcomed!! One lil detail make me sad about the beginning of the game , no space pirate space ship exploration! I hope in the future you’ll work on this part of the game

the lack of run and gun is disturbing.

This was an awesome experience! Keep up the great work, guys! Can’t wait to enjoy the finished product as much as I did the demo!

I actually need help finding the artifacts and such. I keep on roaming around but I only have the morph ball, bombs, power grip, and missiles. Where do I find the other artifacts and other items? Many thanks! :grin:

Join the discord where the community can work together to find the easter eggs and artifacts. Surely it will help. :slight_smile:

Really truly awesome experience! Hoping to see more from you guys in the future, and hope Nintendo doesn’t get too overzealous with the banhammer. Has the potential to work out even better than AM2R did.

I loved the Demo!! I’m a huge Metroid fan and I’ve got the tattoos and experience to prove it😂. The gameplay was amazing and I loved the fact that there were so many details added to make the game really come to life. I also loved the Metroid fusion boss reference at the end! Very well done and can’t wait to try the full game when it’s out!

This is… actually the best thing ever. I didn’t even know that this existed until earlier today when my phone recommended some news of this to me, and I had to check it out. I cannot get over how insane this is. I love the way Samus aims her cannon behind her, everything looks beautiful and the music is awesome. Keep up the mind blowing work! :grin: :+1:

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Wow, I have been waiting for a game like this for so long, controller support would be nice but I like the adaptions to mouse and keyboard a lot. Let be serious, this is never getting a switch port.

Amazing job so far, how can people like me who are just now finding out about this project help complete this game before legality becomes a major issue. The pixel art and depth alone in the ships landing scene was great.

Music is great, same themes and feelings of aloneness on a foreign planet and the need to explore and upgrade that made similar games so great. I,m like 15 minutes in and in awe., same boat as you in terms of discovery, have been blowing nintendos twitter up for a game like this from R&D1 for a decade.

Simplemente hermoso, espero que este juego se pueda terminar y publicar <3, tambien seria hermoso que una vez termine el proyecto, puedan publicar publicar un motor grafico para la comunidad, asi la gente podria crear muchisimas cosas, excelente trabajo, esfuerzo y dedicacion, sigan asi :smiley:

I am running on Windows 10 and when I start up the application it gives me a black screen for a few seconds then crashes with no error message. Any fix?

Hey there: Sorry to hear that you are having issues running the Demo. It’s much easier to receive support through the Team SCU Discord server. You can join here:

Fantastic work! Amazing thank you!. If your going to finish the game, may I suggest the best way would be to host a site using Tor on the dark web. In this way you would be safe from Nintendo and you would be able to finish this awesome 2D Metroid Prime in peace. :slight_smile: You can have downlinks on Tor, there would be no issue then. Even torrents are fine. Thank you and good luck!

Amazing! Taking me a while to get used to the Keyboard+mouse combination but this is awesome.


But I am sure Nintendo won’t leave this alone.

I really really want play a whole version of this.
You guys did a motherfucking wonderful job.

Well… hi everyone. I haven’t seen who’s still here from way back when but hello to the old boys and to anyone that I haven’t met yet. This looks fantastic. I had no idea you guys were still working on this. I am excited to give it a shot.

Wow, I am blown away by the demo! Created an account here to let you know you are doing an amazing job! Can’t wait so see more of this!

Hi, everyone! I’ve risen from the grave as a second Easter to tell you how impressed I am by this demo. 15 yr old me from back in the SCU days would have had his brain melted. A coworker and fellow Metroid enthusiast sent the demo link my way and I couldn’t believe the project was still kicking and in MUCH better hands than my dumb teenage self.

The mouse aiming and Samus’ sprite response is great. The scanning system is slick and non-interruptive. The environment work is stellar, as is the sound design. Super super super impressive.

I’d love to keep up with you all and this community if I can. I have really fond memories of the SCU forums and this project spawning from it.

Keep up the great work! Awesome to play this as a fan 16 years later!


What an amazing Metroid experience. I loved it! The music, art, enemies, and game play was great. I love the environments and the descriptions from the scanner. The game story has huge depth.

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