Prince of Persia Character sprites

As some of you know I’m working on the Prince of Persia series in 2D, so I thought I’d share with you a few mock ups I’ve done. They are by no means complete but should give you an idea of the look of the game. I’ll be using these as references for the full animations and the white templates you see will be turnes into real sprites later.
SOme of the SoT ones were made with outdated templates (ie the Prince and sharaman) so their pose will be slightly different in-game. The Dahaka is going to have a fog effect rendered in-game and Klompa will soon look a lot more battle-scarred.
So without further ado:
PoP2D series mockups

ooh, very nice, however, both women in red look just slightly too similar, might want to fix it (only slightly)

I don’t think they’re too similar, they have different skin tones and costumes. It doesn’t matter though as they’re found in different games