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Ok so it looks like Nintendo is opening up to 3rd Party Gaming Devs so that mean more of the good 3rd parties games will or maybe coming to this new system,

Here’s a link GameInformer Info on the Wii Successor

Link 2
Wii Successor to be revealed at E3 this Year

I can’t wait to play Metroid Prime Trilogy in HD 1080p

Don’t count on playing Trilogy in HD, unless Retro makes an HD version. Backwards compatibility never comes with upscaling.

I would change the title to the Project Cafe topic, to go with the Revolution topic.

Not necessarily true, the 360 upscales, this is because it does soft emu.

anyways, I’ll just copypasta my post from the other topic for a breakdown of the rumored GPU:

All games made in 3D will scale to whatever resolution you want.
Ever tried to play a N64 or PS1 game in an emulator?

Mario 64
Final Fantasy 7 with bilinear filtering turned on

The PS2 gave the PS1 games bilinear filtering and the Xbox 360 upscales old Xbox games. bungie wrote a little about it here.

Is that really what N64 games looked like? I remember them looking much better.

I was talking consoles, not emulation. My key point is GC -> Wii, and xbox -> 360. Not sure what the PS3 does on it’s, that never worked out anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s the difference?

Did you ever try to play a PS1 game in a PS2? Bilinear filtering, use 32x read speed instead of 2x
Or an Xbox game in an Xbox 360? Higher resolution, Aa
Or any of the Nintendo 64 games on the Wii? Higher resolution

The textures would look a bit blurry but not at much as in the images I posted earlier if one could play upscaled Wii games on the next Nintendo console.

Once again, 64 on Wii is emulation. :wink:

I was wrong on 360 though, it will upscale to 1080i.

Point stands on PS3/Wii though. I wouldn’t count on Nintendo changing anything.

It upscales to 1080p if you have HDMI dude.

Also several PS3 SKUs did soft emu, and upscaled to whatever you were running.

According to the Gamespot article I read, it only did 1080i.

Yes that is a common myth perpetuated by idiots who think that no 360 SKUs can output 1080p, but to do that the OXB game must natively support 480p, and not all games do, those games do get the 1080i treatment.

I remember my 360 outputting every game (OXB included) in 1080p. My TV would tell me every time it changed resolutions or refresh rates, and it was always at 1080p with 60Hz. I’m agreeing with Syntax here.

Either way, I’m excited about a new Nintendo console, and If they do step up and put that much graphical power in their console, hurray for them, I’m impressed. I just await the day that you can upgrade a consoles components. Probably never going to happen, but hey, I can dream can’t I?

But what is the difference between Xbox games on 360 and Nintendo 64 games on Wii? The first Xbox had an x86 CPU and the 360 has a PPC CPU.

Early Xbox 360 dev kits was Power Mac G5’s.

Do you think that the new CPU will be 100% compatible with GC/Wii?
Even if the CPU is, it will have to emulate the rest. Or will is use the same GPU and memory?

Considering how nice the Wii looks and how bad this looks, I doubt this is anywhere near legit.

Yep. Pretty much looks fake.…3-2011-preview/

Nintendo confirmed it will be playable at E3. Can’t wait to see all of the Big N’s titles brought up to HD.