Project M5

If this is the wrong place or anything, I apologise, but it’s way too hot and my computer is lagging like Satan.

Here’s a disclaimer; I know there are a lot of fangames out there that never passed the idea stage. I know there is a lot of contempt for post-Fusion concepts; I do not blame you. Some are really atrocious. Some are unoriginal and uninspired. Most are made by kiddies. Do I expect people to leap at mine? Hell no. But can I offer something a lot better? Hell yes.

Don’t let the fact I signed up today make you think I’m a noob :wink:
I’m a professional writer-in-training. Industry help and all that. University. Novels. Story structure and applied techniques. Grammar and punctuation. I have a manuscript and a half finished, and three completed plots that I’m going to work on when I’ve finished the second book.


Here’s something I hope will prove a little more interesting than OMG SA-X AND DARKSAMUS ARE STILL ALIVE AND THEY’RE COMING TO GET SAMUS:

What’s this? It’s the inciting incident. What does it mean? It means 16 pages of planetary bios, fact-checked locations, people, places, enemies, references (some of the Alien variety), NO SECRET METROID BREEDING PROGRAMS, no X, no SA-X, no Dark Samus, no Phazon, no weird characters and enemies that don’t match the Metroid universe, no strange new conspiracies or self-glorifying uber characters, no Mother Brain reincarnations. I have all the abilities planned out and that includes the nice little compensation between exploration and linearity. I have a chronological game plot, locations, logical reason why Samus loses all her abilities, and even half an IN CHARACTER script. It ties in all loose ends and doesn’t involve secret metroid breeding programs. Sure, it’s WIP, but give me a few months and it will be COMPLETE.

What do I need? A team. Yeah, I know; he says stuff but he can’t do stuff. Lies; I’ve already designed every upgrade, where and how you get them, and even how you could avoid getting them. I’m in the process of designing maps and rooms, puzzles and whatnot. There’s references to everything else in the Metroid series. Everything ties in LOGICALLY.

I need a spriter who can create %100 genuine original adaptations of my concepts, with references to other enemies from other Metroid games. This may include some tileset adaptions. I want to use Metroid Fusion style graphics with Super Metroid’s style Samus NOT ZM sprites, because I despise those utterly. This would also involve a new HUD system, and menu design, as well as recolours of previous backdrops from Fusion, Super or ZM. This game will need to be as sexy as possible, and STAND OUT from the real Metroid games in appearance, while being similar enough. It should LOOK official, even if it’s not.

I need a programmer who has enough time to supply a completely acceptible engine (preferrably even more interesting) with the new abilities installed and the old ones functional. This programmar will have to find a way to make this game challenging, as well as playable. It has to be as close to the handheld games as physically possible.

Now that I think about it, that’s all I need. I have somewhat of an access to both now, but they’re booked for the next year. Either I get interest from other, more free people, or I wait. Either way it’s getting done.

Congratulations on making it this far down the essay without losing interest. Have some keywords that may or may not seal the deal:

Chozo tracing, human contact, infiltration of GFED archives and Space Pirate facilities, deep gravity instead of water areas, ice and nocturnal planets, return of Crystal Flash, BEAM combinations by default, downloading data from GFED uplinks and Bootlegged Pirate Uplinks, fighting Kraid, no secret metroid breeding programs, Anthony as an informant, Adam not guiding you through everything, sequence breaking, skippable upgrades, M2 styled level progressing, flying to different planets, inventive Prime-style bosses, Samus with short hair, ammunition weapons, in character scripts, 3 new suit extensions, uplink items influenced by P3, no Dark Samus or SA-X, or other Samus clones, NO SECRET METROID BREEDING PROGRAMS, FIGHTING three gravity-equipped Space Pirates in an area with such intense gravity that Samus cannot space jump or bombjump and moves at half speed, but the pirates are unhindered, and finally rinkas.

Also no secret metroid breeding programs; but don’t tell anyone.

Thanks for listening, hope to hear some interest.


P.S. No secret Metroid breeding programs.

First of all, I’m glad there are no secret Metroid breeding programs.

Second, it’s obvious you stand out from the fanboy crowd, but no matter how much intangible content there is, the “I have ideas but I need people to actually put them together” never works. Pretty much everyone here has tried making their own fangame (myself included) and it takes time and dedication that we don’t have. If you can find a team, I’d love to see this actually be made, but this isn’t really the best place to be looking. Especially because this site is almost empty now.

But hopefully you’ll stick around. We need some more good additions to the community. If you look at the most recent users, you’ll see that we haven’t really been getting the best on the net.

Also, there’s a stray letter at the end of your quoted text. “enemyc?”

Oh, and welcome and all that.

There’s no harm in trying. Like I said, I have some members (mainly one of the best coders in existence, still lack spriters but we may be able to bend one to our will), but they’re backlogged for the foreseeable future. It will get made eventually. This was just one of my bids to speed up the process.

Most Metroid sites are empty. There’s always stragglers. I thought it was worth a shot posting here. I should have mentioned a spriter is actually more of what I need right now. Even if we have the materials… easier to build with.

I may stick around. Depends on how much linearity is hated here ;D

/other m fan guilty.

That may be your/my computer, I see that “c” as an ellipses. See. c. How coincidental…

Thanks for the welcome!

Yeah, my computer turned your ellipses into Cs and apostrophes into Ks. Interesting.

But did you say you have a coder? Because… Well, that’s probably the biggest step, aside from having an actual engine. I don’t have much free time for the next few months, probably until May, but I might be interested in spriting a bit. Need to keep those muscles in shape.

Maybe it’s trying to spell out a certain word.

This coder’s a good friend of mine; we started designing an original game at the start of the year, but couldn’t follow through with the design without a spriter. He’s started his own fangame with a spriter (the same one I may contact once their game is done) and he’s made progress with that. He still owes me a game though ;D

He’s seen the M5 development file.

In short, he has made many engines. His project is his main concern right now, which suits me fine. This will need a lot of work. Planning a lot of animations to go with anything, then there’s conversion of tilesets, the menus, the objects, the new enemies, the bosses…

Any sprites is good sprites imo.

It’s ambitious, but as I see it once there’s graphics, the mapping is the next tricky part. Nobody gets bored mapping. Project has some level of motivation too - some gaming magazines take notice of interesting fan-stuff.

Protip: Use stand-in sprites, be it crappy sprites or even just plain boxes with names on them.

Make the game, THEN go hunting for a pixeler. They’ll flock to you then. :wink: