Project Prime Huds

Which color should the armor border around the hud be?

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So yeah. Vote.

Can you put the picture in a post?

I think you should make it change based on the color of the suit. Like, Red or orange for the Varia Suit, Purple for the Gravity Suit, and Black for the Phazon Suit.

I say a light blue

I kinda agree with SI, but which of the two colors for the varia. thats the big debate red or orange.

Yeah, I thought it was sort of a gray area too. I would lean towards orange though simply because I’ve always felt that the orange exemplified the Varia suit better than the red, considering that in Prime 1 the red was on the Gravity suit as well.

However, that is completely an opinion based thing, so I can only speak for myself, and I would go with orange over the red for the Varia suit.

And I still stand by my original idea. Change it based on suit.

However, I don’t know what you should make the straight up Chozo suit. Maybe gray, to symbolize weakness/lack of upgrades? I dunno. Maybe make that one red.

But yeah, my main point is don’t stick with one color for the entire thing. Little details like the color of the HUD make the game for me.

Agreeing with SI. It should change. Red for Power, Varia, and Gravity, and grey to black for Phazon.

Edit: For the Gravity suit (to break monotny, the LIGHTS should be teal blue, and for Phazon, be orange lights with black interior. Idk somehting

Sounds like I’m talking about cars.

Random idea that I’m not entirely supporting-

Full-75% health: Green
74%-50%: Yellow
49%-25%: Orange
24%-1%: Red

I still like the changing with the suits thing.

I just came up with an idear.

The original game had a menu color choice… it applied to the HUD as well. So we could do the same thing. xD

doo eet

It did? I don’t remember that, and unfortunately I can’t go check because my friend has mah gaem.


Only if you include the colors everybody mentioned so that I can change the HUD color with the suit I get. :stuck_out_tongue:

it can be chaned to ANY color


This isn’t nearly as big as you think it is, man. It doesn’t need six topics for every minute change you want to implement. Why is it so hard for you to just keep it in one topic?

Daz has a point. You could’ve just asked us in the other official topic, you know.

Besides, I never vote in polls. Or at least, ones relating to content in a fangame. >_>

No. :stuck_out_tongue:

And it’s 3 topics, not 6. And the 2 branch offs were major changes, imo.

I feel this was an important issue as well. think of if we just put pink for fun in there! plus i think this project is a big deal so…

Yeah, I think it actually is pretty big.

Still, this could be kept in the main topic, but I see why a poll is a good idea.

(Keeping away from topic argument):

Default option can change with suits, but there should be an option with color sliders to choose one.