Questions about spriting

I have a few questions about spriting. :confused:

  1. How do you get it all just right? One of my prototype sprites looked nothing like Samus.

  2. What program does everyone use?

  3. How do you recolor a sprite? I’m recoloring a few for my unnamed, undeveloped fangame.

  4. (if anybody uses this technique) How do you enlarge a sprite, recolor it, and size it down to the exact same size as before?

Any answers would be helpful! :metroid:

  1. practice!
  2. mostly ms paint, its free…
  3. recolors should be done by hand, along with editing
  4. ms paint lets you zoom!

Recolors should be done by holding the right mouse button while using the eraser tool, or with the method covered in this topic.

Thanks, guys! I really appreciate it.