why do i have so much useless 128 and 256 sticks of RAM?

im not sure, but hey

im not sure WHAT the small ones are <__<

what is the purpose of this topic exactly?


im not sure, exactly
but hey

post your useless things here!
(purpose found)

Get me a better pic, and I’ll see what I can do.


Upgrading soon (x2):

I read this and thought of RAAM, who is so badass <3

I have 512MB of RAM. >_>
I would have 1GB, but it doesn’t fit.

I need a new laptop, but I don’t have any money and can’t get a job until summer. Plus, Windows 7.

Psh, 1 Gb!?
I’ve got 2, and I’m upgrading to 8. :sunglasses:

i have 2 xD

I have a couple 256mb pre-ddr ram sticks.
A couple small laptop hard drives waiting for the day I can pull data off of them.
A laptop battery and cd drive, pcmia modem cards, laptop heatsyncs. And some bits of a motherboard.

4 gigs suck it beeeotch :stuck_out_tongue:


i’ve got 2 of these and one smaller, about half as big.

Zurg, I love how the pictures you took have the NewEgg logo watermarked on them.

Deetroid wins

B/c the first one I bought there, and the 2nd I’m going to buy there. :smiley:

True True True.

RAM doesn’t matter nearly as much as processor speed. You’re way better off with a 3GHz Quad Core machine with 2GB of RAM than you are a 2GHz Dual Core machine with 8GB of RAM. Unless, of course, you’re doing something that requires more RAM (games) than you have, processor will make your computer far faster.

Of course, certain programs cough are RAM whores, so if you happen to be using those all at once, 8GB is a great thing to have.

But then again, the programs that are efficient and don’t suck use more CPU than RAM, which is a good thing.

And if you have an awful graphics card without dedicated memory, you need more RAM for things.

Dee does win indeed

Or, if you’re me, you have all of the above. :slight_smile:
2.8 for the CPU, looking at a 3.2
2 gb for the ram, looking at 8
896mb VRAM, looking at buying another card, sli, and pwn. xD

Zurg Kinda Just OWNED you.

in the FACE