Random sprites, oh no!

Weird topic title…but it works I guess.

Here’s some random sprites I, along with a few others (Some of my friends) have worked on for a project we’re making; tell me what you think:

Dead Avralian Soldiers

(I think a few look a bit similar to the GF soldiers on Echoes…so that maybe changed in the future)
Avralian T-5 Walker Mech

(This is an old mech idea that you could hop in an have fun in a robot : D )

And yes…they’re saved as JPG here…purposely.

Sounds like you’re accusing us of sprite thieving… :imp:

Sounds like he’s being careful, you jackass.

I can say what I feel like.

Anyhoo…The Mech is really flat, along with the dead guy…and both need more contrast, more so in the dead guy then the Mech.

Hm. Contrast…contrast…hmmm…how can I do this…thinkz to one’s self

how do you expect us to comment on it when it’s horribly distorted and blurred by the jpeg?

Bitch, Whine, Complain. Cripes, you’re worse than an old man. (Planet Zebeth reference). Jking.

Anyway, they look good. I’m no expert on spriting, so I can’t offer any real tips, but what Zurg said is true. You might want to make them a little less flat. But again, being no expert on sprites, I honestly have no idea.

They do look cool, though.

Well… should I be honest or should I be nice?

If you’re nice, you’re actually hurting him.


It looks like shit. Crap. Feces. Excrement. Poop.

For example. What the fuck is this?

I tried to give it a lightsource but it’s impossible since it’s saved as a motherfucking JPEG.

Is it a Spacecow?
A retard in a broken wheelchair?
Or maybe a stolen and re-colored space marine?

You can be honest and nice at the same time. People are just about as likely to listen if you’re nice, but they’re more likely to call you names and ignore you if you act like a jerk about it.

He should learn to save the images in Gif or Png.
And… call me names and ignore me? Nahhh… I know you all love me!

But sure. I’ll try to be nicer.