"recruitment" now with download!

I’ve started a "team"
we’re learning GM
theres 4 of us currently

sadly the others are useless right now
(one of em cant tell the difference between his head and his arse)
(the other is gone till sometime in February)
(the last one doesnt even have GM yet)

we’re basically rounding up everyone starting out in GM or those who want to help people starting out
so we can form an ACTUAL team

that will eventually take on a nice project

anyone (competent) interested?

[competence required]
[having AIM is very helpful]


wow, two days and nobody has told me to give up and/or shoot myself in the foot! =D


you can download what I’ve had to do completely ALONE HERE

Metroid area? WHAT?!
yep, the area is made of Metroid tiles
theres even a Metroid in there
(it heals you)
the door doesnt work
but the character does
thats what im really trying to show ^^;
also im still working on getting hurt <.<
so far you’ll pretty much just die if you touch the spikes
i need to knock him backwards, blinking, with temporary invincibilty
like a normal game xD

we = i?
it would help if you gave a description of the game you want to make.

Give up and shoot yourself in the foot.

Haha, I’d help, but… you know.

we being the four of us that are currently on the team =3
as for a game to make, thats still up in the air
we cant really decide what we’ll do as an actual project right now
so far we’re just getting the program as learned as we can with the tutorials and stuff that i had to hunt down ^^;


( to phazon yoshi)

you’d help if…
A) we didnt suck so much
b) you couldnt program circles around us

take your pick, they both sound fair xD

I choose c) I’m exam-med up to the eyes.
(For the record, draw_circle would suffice to program circles round you <_<)