Robo Go B13.9: Tutorial Demo / PUBLIC RELEASE

Finally, another public release of Robo Go is available! And is eons (I know, it’s a measure of time, but still xD) more polished than the previous public release. For general information on Robo Go (as I’m sure many of you may need/want) visit the Robo Go website. Descriptive stuffs are available around the site. For more info on and a download link to this latest release, go to the Tutorial Demo post on Decidel Electronics forums.

For those feeling too lazy to hit up the website, here’s a copy-paste of the description on the homepage:

“Enter Robo Go, an original side-scrolling action platform similar to games of the Mega Man and Metroid series’. Beyond its influences from the commercial gaming world, Robo Go is host to mostly all-original content, as well as a few spins on conventional platforming gameplay. … contains a tremendous amount of bug fixes, engine improvements, and brand new material. … is also accompanied by an all-original soundtrack composed by Saber Mage.”

More screenshots of the game can be found on the RBG Screenshots post, also in DE forums.

For some (very blurry and somewhat outdated) gameplay footage of Robo Go, see Robo Go DS Gameplay. And no, it is not really on DS x).

P.S.: Phlake, don’t kill me! :angry: I know I need to get to work on the MS engine, and I will, but holidays brought more things, vacation included, than I expected to keep me busy. I guess you should never trust my word if it includes dates or times >_>.

It’s fine. Not many sprites have been getting done either.

Nice game, but I’m thinking there should be something like a limited sprint function, 'cause the robot moves pretty slow. If there was one, I didn’t get that far.

Also, I can’t exit the game.

Can’t wait until it’s done, or the next demo is out.

Same prob - couldn’t exit the game so pressed ctrl+alt+delete. Anyway your tutorial is very useful!

Great! Glad the tutorial was helpful.

There actually is a sort of “limited sprint” ability, however it’s… sort of not in the Tutorial Demo :stuck_out_tongue:. I know what you mean though - every time I play a file where I don’t have it, I’m like aughhh need that ability! Heheh.

A bit of a hint… If anyone is interested in playing more of the game, search really carefully around the Tutorial Stage :slight_smile:.

Edit: Oh and, exiting the Tutorial Stage is a matter of either finishing the stage or pressing Delete, both of which will return you to the title screen. From the title screen you can use Esc to quit it completely. (Using different keys because sometimes, under one key, both the stage and the title screen afterward would get the exit keypress, and thus one might accidentally quit the whole game when you only wanted to go to the title screen.)

x2Edit: Anyone else checked this out? Also, it sounds like those that did may have quit before they beat the Tutorial Stage… Mer?

You’re right - I couldn’t manage to finish it. Well it’s a matter of time.
One question: will it become something more than just a tut demo, because it’s a really good demo? Maybe we can work on a fan game rogether? Keep in touch, Saber! I’ll post a theme in Fan Games later for more information.

That’s too bad :. I really don’t think it’s that tough/confusing to beat, as it is a tutorial, but I suppose I can’t expect to seeing as I did design the stage.

Well, in fact yes, Robo Go will be much, much more than this Tutorial Demo. To be honest, even the “Tutorial Demo” is a bit more than just a tutorial, as is hinted at in the game info (F1/Help on the title screen) and in the original forum post on DE forums.

This release is a follow-up to a much more full, continuous, and more story-enhanced Public Demo 2 (which I guess would now technically be PD3, and really is more of a prequel to the full game that contains canon storyline) that is at about 90% completion. A great amount more of the game is completed than is shown in the Tutorial :slight_smile:.

Edit: Every time I see that “New posts in Fangames!” icon I swear… My heart leaps n’ stuff >_>. Only to be let down. xD J/K.

I figured out how to get back to the beginning. Am I close?
I found some sort of sign with an arrow pointing up that I can’t get to. Am I close?
I found some sort of dead track with possibly some white things below it. Am I close?

Here are my thoughts after completing the tutorial stage:
(for those who haven’t played it yet, I wouldn’t read ahead)

I don’t think there were nearly enough resources in there to justify a 13.9MB exe, which makes me think that a lot of the programmable animations are frame-by-frame images, or something. Bringing the size down would also speed up the long loading time at the start.

However, it was pretty well-designed. The help screen is pretty intimidating, and the tutorial signs get a little confusing, but I got the hang of it. I ran out of gray things on my first attempt through before unlocking the red place or anywhere important, so I’m pretty sure I was completely stuck–you might want to look into that. Also, I thought the enemies are really tough and annoying, especially when the gray things are activated.

But even if it was slightly frustrating, I was entertained the whole way through. This game is kind of a world of its own. Keep it up. :smiley:

(I tried clicking around the main menu for the secret. Am I close?
I found a wall. Am I close?
Ah, nevermind.)

Thanks - it feels good to see someone say it’s actually enjoyable, for once! xP

  • Nah, only useful for going back to the beginning so you can adjust your controls again :stuck_out_tongue:.

  • Closer, but that’s something separate… Try from climbing the magnet track above. :wink:

  • Aye, close! Exploit it some more, if you’re up to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahah well, you could be partially right. It is true that a lot of animations from earlier in the game’s development have been left unchanged, which could definitely be replaced now with some alpha-fading code. I do that with the more recent animations, and probably need to fix those up soon.

Then again, there’s a lot more done in the game than this demo shows, for sure. I suppose I should/could try to remove unnecessary resources for public release compilations, but there’s somewhat of a reason that I didn’t…

Help text is intimidating, eh? I could definitely use some pointers in user-friendly writing and organization, I bet, but I’m not sure how I could better organize what is essentially a text file. If you have any ideas, please do tell!

(Get ready for a lot of questions xP) Does “gray things” refer to the enemies? Or maybe the tutorial signs? And does “red place” refer to the area that checkpoint 1 (the red checkpoint) takes you to?

Alright well, here’s some pointers, maybe xP. To the left of the red checkpoint is a different area, which you seemed to have found. The info HUB to the right of the downward passage over there tells you about the blue switch to the left, which unlocks what you might call the “blue area,” or rather, checkpoint 2. If you head back up to checkpoint 1, then to the central checkpoint, or “golden checkpoint,” you can get to checkpoint 2 from there. It also seems that you may have gotten here…

With that said, and the last statement assumed correct, I’ll also assume that you got the special weapon. This is where my second little hint at the top of this post comes into play, or you could head back by destroying the chains on the upper half of the passage you took to get to the weapon, and reaching checkpoint 2. From the central checkpoint, if you head left, the first sign you encounter points you to the stage end. :slight_smile:

Hope that all helps!

  • Nope, nothing on the main menu. :stuck_out_tongue:

Saber, played once more. Again, great work,but I can give you one advice: don’t compile all sprites and music into a single exe because it’s executing for a rather long time. Better keep them in folders. Rather cute game! :slight_smile: I like the fact that the main hero is robot. :slight_smile:
Edit: Btw the climbing function is interesting though you better work a lil more on design. Anyway the gameplay is original! :slight_smile:

Work… On what aspect of design? >_>

All sprites being in the .exe is just part of Game Maker, and while I can add resources during runtime, I prefer to keep the graphics embedded. All of the music is MIDI, so that really isn’t likely affecting it that much. SFX might, but there aren’t very many of them. And I’m guessing that by “executing for a rather long time,” you mean it’s taking a long time to load?

Cute, huh? <_< If you say so, lol. ANYWAYS, thanks for the compliments xD.

Edit: … Hmmm. What about the other 5-10 people that visit this forum regularly? I bet it’s the name. “Robo Go” sounds noobish, doesn’t it? That’s it, isn’t it??? Or maybe they’re just not into platformers… Noo that can’t be it. Why else would they be on the P2D forums? Thinks hard for a long time about why others might not- Hrmmmm…

Pardon the double-post.

This might sound strange, but I’ve come to the conclusion that being an involved member of a forum/online community is counteractive to my level of productivity. It is for this reason that, from now on I will not be able to (will make myself not) visit and check these forums, and others, as often as I might have previously or might currently feel that I should or that I would like to. Not that anyone cares - just try to be aware of that :slight_smile:.

Should one, for some reason, need or want to contact me and get a response ASAP, e-mail me at decidel(at)gmail(dot)com, and one can also add me to their google talk or skype friend list using that address if they’d like.

For now, adieu!