Rock Band (Wii)

Ok, it’s been announced and it’s supposedly a watered down PS2 port.


k, a PS2 port i can handle, and have (MoH vanguard, GH3, CoD3) and others and admitedly the tow WWII ones are fucking gar-bitch but the point still stands.

Now the missing elements are: Create a character, SP tour, MP tour, and MOTHERFUCKING ONLINE MULTIPLAYER i mean seriously man why is Wi-Fi canstantly being overlooked

heres the way i see it is: developer: “the gamecube suuuuuuks because it has no online” so it was relatively ignored my the third party. Now the Wii has fully functional online MP however even with the constant rants of “multiplayer on teh inturnedz r teh futur uf gaemingz” and then all these Wii exclusive games don’t have fucking Wi-Fi support and many fames don’t make on launch and then half a year later it come to the Wii in watered down “shitstain version” with asstastic graphics and missing features. It is the height of hypocracy and RB is an excellent way to crusify the industry with this.

Huh? I didn’t hear anything about the first three, I just heard about the online. I thought the other ones were still in.

I don’t even care that much about the online thing, it’s just the fact that you can’t download songs… that pisses me off, and is an extreme turn-off. All of my other friends are getting it on the X-Box anyway, if they even ARE getting it, so the online multiplayer isn’t that big of a deal… just wish I had the money for a 360…
But I’m afraid of getting bored of the same 63 songs. I never did with guitar hero, but… meh. I want some of the downloadable songs that I’ve seen…

Same here. But even so, I would get it for Wii just because I don’t have the money, nor the patience to earn enough money, to buy a 360. Nevertheless, my friend has the PS2 version, and my other friend has the 360 version, so I doubt I’ll get it anyway. But the thing that would annoy me the most would be Create a Character. I hope that they include at least that.