Okay, so which video game developing company is the
video game company of all time?

  1. Capcom
  2. Namco
  3. Blizzard Entertainment
  4. Valve
  5. Konami
  6. Square enix
  7. Nintendo
    8) Bungie
  8. Harmonix
  9. Ubisoft
  10. id software
  11. HAL
  12. SNK playmore
  13. Retro studios
  14. Infinity Ward
  15. Take-Two Interactive/Rockstar Games/Irrational Games
  16. Bethesda Game Studios
  17. Koei

Feel free to nominate a few more, and assault the existence of a few of these.
I’m taking Bungie off unless magmoormaster presents a REALLY compelling reason, and Valve goes with it. And Harmonix. One hit wonders ftl.

Retro Studios
Because of Prime. DUH! me-> :whack: <-Tim

Actually, N/a, they’ve all started disappointing me recently…

Well… Mabey Hal… They did good on Brawl… So add them as well. :smiley:

Oh yeah, I was gonna do HAL.
And Retro Studios is like the other one hit wonders, but no one’s heard of it.


Oh yeah, thanks for moving this. My bad.

HAL labs never disappoint.


also bungie and valve.

SNK Playmore.
They are a harcore company that makes games for hardcore gamers.
King of Fighters XII is being pixeled in like 720p… or is it 1080p?

Put them in as no.1 NOW.

And Bungie should stay. There is no reason to remove the creators of the Marathon seires.

Totally Capcom… :smiley:
Also SNK Playmore and Nintendo…DUH!!! :smiling_imp:

i would’ve said 3, but recently i think blizzard has really fucked up. they have no originality anymore (not that they had any in the first place) and WoW is the most screwed up thing they have made so far. I think they created it specifically so people could get addicted and throw $150 a year down the toilet on a stupid game :angry: . I, myself am personally looking into guild wars, as I have quit WoW (at least public servers that is (MUWAHAHAHAHA)) and want something to fill the gap.

Yes, they didn’t want people to spend money on a good game, so they manufactured it stupidly on purpose.

With all due respect, Blizzard is far better for originality than, say, Nintendo.

i didn’t mean for stupid to be the key word in that sentence. it kinda got thrown in there with my angry rant.

I see.
Well, the point is that it’s the best MMO out there… and being expensive hardly makes it a worse game.

Age of Conan is better than World of Warcraft. It’s so much better that Blizzard will pee their pants.

I’m going to have to go with Valve on this one.
If 3DO were still around they would probably be making some epic games too.

Second, Retro studios.
Third, Capcom.

Valve and Retro Studios for sure.

I would also pick Nintendo, but they’ve been milking the Mario, Metroid, and Zelda cash cows a bit too much for my liking. Same goes for Bungie. I like the Halo series, but a bit more variation besides “New weapons and graphics” would have been lovely.

And I’ll go ahead and tack on HAL Labs to the list of my picks. I have yet to be disappointed by them.

CapCom gets my vote if only for the Monster Hunter series. I’ve put more time into MHF2 than just about every other non-MH game combined this year, and I’m not even halfway through. <_<

Gonna have to say Capcom at this point, simply because I never expect to enjoy their games as much as I do, and even though I’m never as excited for their games, I usually like them more than games that get more media. Also, I love Chaos Legion.
Square and Blizzard get tied at second, because I’m always excited for their games and always love them.
Except final fantasy 10 and 10-2. Especially 10-2. From the hours of play that I’ve played/seen, it seems like the chick flick of the Final Fantasy world… Complete with references to pop music.

Namco is right behind them. Particularly for the Soul Caliber games.

(…yeah, it’s more than $150 a year on wow. I think it’s 180, if the subscription is still $15. And I think it’s ridiculous, because it just seems like an easier, 3D, pay-to-play version of Maple Story. With PvP. However, the PvP isn’t worth the $15 a month. Yes, I’ve actually played WoW for a while, and this is just my opinion…
Pomegranate, I play Guild Wars and I think it’s absolutely awesome. PvP is much better than WoW, and even though the level cap is 20, it’s so much more fun to me… Mostly because after reaching max level and getting elite equipment, there’s still stuff to do. And bringing in the math, you can buy all of the campaigns, the expansion, and the bonus missions, which SHOULD keep you buys for a long, long time, and you can manage to do it for less than the total amount of money pumped into WoW for a year. This is assuming that you’re not one of the people who think a game is boring if it has a level cap less than 60.)

wheres infinity ward?

anyway i have to say Ubisoft because of…um we seem to have steped into an alternate dimension


also blizzard can’t seem to stop ripping off of games workshop

Last call before I truncate it slightly and make a poll <3