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What’s up motherfucl<ers, how’s everybody doin??? :smiley:>


i’ve missed you

I’ve missed you too my sweet convict. I don’t know why I came here as a result, but I just screamed at my father for an hour calling him several things including immature, coward, idiot, etc. The result is my dad is never talking to me again or seeing me again. Coolbeans :stuck_out_tongue:

Somehow that got me to come here. I haven’t bothered spriting because Windows 7 MS Paint sucks donkey dick. I want Vista Paint back :cry:

However, I have been drawing guns. Idk why, but I have. Future project maybe? Another fan game that will never get finished? Sounds like it… :astonished:

awww, i miss your spriting, too

Go ahead and file a copyright for your sitcom.

Do you have steam Rundas? If you do, you should join the P2D group on there.


<<This guy is lucky he still has XP.

At least in that way. Not in any other way.

i put both vista and xp paint on my windows 7

but thats just me lolwut

Candyman. HOW??? D:


404 not found?

I guess if it doesn’t find at least 4.04 inches, it doesn’t display.

Nah, it can’t be found, means it’s not there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here, maybe the URL he provided for the pic holds the key to this mystery:


I think you missed the joke I was trying to make.

404 = not found = can’t find his dick = it doesn’t exist.

way to ruin it guys

Yeah, I got the joke… :stuck_out_tongue:

Syntax…that mothas made my afternoon. Bravo Zurg, you have failed.

Candyman tell me how to gnikcuf do that nao