SA-X vs. Dark Samus

Dark Samus… Now, some stuff:

Dark Samus and the SA-X are both clones of Samus?
Yes, because they both have DNA from Samus.

Dark Samus and Metroid Prime are the same beings?
I don’t think so. Just because they both like Phazon doesn’t mean they both are the same… Maybe the Starborn Terror had Phazon in it?

Remember some thing about Dark Samus: “The first encounter with Dark Samus will test Samus’s ability to the limit.”. If Samus could beat the SA-X, then it means it is weaker than Samus. And DS is way stronger than Samus. It is pretty self-explanatory.

Remember, these are my theories. They could be wrong.

dark samus isnt stronger than samus. cuz if she was then how did we all kick her ass? y make a game where everything is stronger than samus?

Uh, Omega, DS is MP. No question about it.

Well, I said I could be wrong… :stuck_out_tongue:

You need to see the 100% ending on MP to fully understand.

A little late, but to magmoormaster, unless I missed it, I don’t remember reading about Phazon coming from the Dark World >_>

And, DS wins.

i havent seen the 100% movie. could u like post a link so we could see it or somthing like that?

MP steals the phazon suit, Samus leaves, the remains of MP shine and shake, and DS’s hand comes out.

phazon didn’t come from dark world, dark world come from phazon :sweat:

Uhhhh, no, just, no.

uhhhh the phazon meteor created the dark world :sweat:

Both of you, shaddap. :stuck_out_tongue: The Phazon did not create the Dark World, and the Dark World did not create the Phazon.

I dunno what actually happened for sure, but here’s the best of what I can figure. The meteors contained Phazon, which spread to much of the planet in the Tallon incident, but did not strike with enough force to do much else. On Aether, it didn’t spread very much, but the forced created a Dark World somehow, and mosto f the Phazon residue ended up in that world.

This part, however, is not just theory, and proves both your arguments wrong. Since it’s partially self-reproducing, that’s why there’s so much of it after all this time. The pirates refer to there being phazon in the light world at one time, and since it’s in the light world on Tallon IV, it cannot have been created by or have created as a product, a dark world of any sort.


Yeah. I don’t know where I’m going with that “thus”. So, er. Right.

How Dark Aether was created: “Long ago, a cosmic object fell to our planet, Aether, exploding with great force. A rift was torn in time and space, and a strange power flowed over the world. Where once there was one Aether, there were now two. One of light… And of of shadow, each one existing in its own dimension.” That’s what U-Mos said, which means the Starborn Terror’s impact at Aether caused a opening to another dimension. I am right?

you know, there was absolutely no point in making this thread…
ds kicks butt and thats all that needs to be said :smiling_imp:

Apparently, 13% say otherwise.

maybe, the phazon meteor that crashed on Aether had dark material and created the dark world!

I don’t think so… Maybe the Dark World already existed on another dimension, but with the meteor’s impact these gates to Dark Aether appeared all over Light Aether. Again, I may be wrong…

That seems the most logical. The meteor opened a gate between two dimensions, and the phazon would probably do a part in that. It’s an interesting substance.

But this is getting off-topic. The topic at hand is SA-X vs DS. If somebody wants to create a darkworld theory topic, go ahead. That will probably end most of the off-topicness here.

DS, for the reasons they gave.

SA-X sucks butt. there’s no denying it