samus and space pirate front views

google(I didnt say “FRIEND"this time”)
PETER PANTS…can I say that?

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are you gonna tell Got_Metroid??? the site you found the comic or what?

ummmm…not really,I forgot where it is
anyway here it is:

Holy crap! I read that before but it was missing a page! Helloooo, pirate images! That thing is sexay :astonished: Nice art all around ,too, although Samus bends weird at points… …

And isn’t Ridley immune to the flamethrower?

weird,thardus is in chozo ruins,samus has the thermal visor before the varia suit, her suit upgrades from power to phazon,and only one artifact opens the portal to phazon core.nice art though!

The flamethrower doesn’t do much against Ridley but it does do something. And as Daz stated HOLY CRAP!
Reads it over and over again and examines the art.

OMG I thaught of something… it is a little farfetched but it is a good idea. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone made an accurate one of those, but for evry Metroid game?

that would be awesome!

omfg, is it so hard to understand?


EDIT: damn, I thought I posted in another thread when I saw d comics! sorry, well, the discussion kinda went offtopic >_>".

EDIT2: that comic sucks. Its so inaccurate to the game. Way to ruin metroid prime! =.="

EDIT3: thinking it twice… (or maybe thrice) it looks very good. But wtf is doing thardus in chozo ruins, and without snow!? :sweat:

come on guys get back on topic if you want a pic of in game would work to if you can’t find anything

The parasite queen looks pwnage.

where talking about the front and side views of samus and all of the space pirates no parasite queen :imp:

i gave u them…blind person

I’m kinda talking about like a 3 way view or a spread sheet

It’s his own topic, you twit, and he never did get answered.

srry…my bad…not in a very good mood today…rough night…

If any body isn’t going to post a picture to help me then don’t post at all :imp:

Sorry if you guys think this is spam but I just had to post it. Fox fan always wasted his post in his sprite thread. And look what he’s saying!!!

I have no idea what you just said there, but since FF is banned, there’s no reason for this topic to exist.