samus engine test!!!!!!!!!!

here is a link to download it, i already know of a glitch or two, but this is what i finished in 3 days, i consider it pretty good for time spent! :smiley:

here is the new demo with aiming, shooting not far from this (shooting is easy to add to games, just have to find out where to shoot from!)!!!


UP = E



the next demo will have multiple beams!!!
the next demo will have boms!!!
the next demo will have missiles!!!
the next demo will have health!!!
the next demo will have a secret…

all of it will be soon!!!

Uh… How many fps is that? 6? <__<

This engine is too simple right now to post any glitches for. Try spending more time on it so we aren’t overwhelmed with having to point out all the missing features.

I did get into a SW on the left, and got close to getting over the right edge, though.

Yes… its running slow as hell on mine too.

I’m not sure if he somehow set the speed that slow or if its lagging because he has too many checks on his objects or something.

Its actually pretty good for being made in three days, unless you actually worked on
it for 24 hrs each day. In which case I would be clueless as to how it took you that
long. But anyway, I recall you wanted some help over at GMC the one day,
I wasnt able to get back to you for some reason. But I decided to go ahead and make one of my own
And I think I did a pretty good job as far as glitches go, (there are still glitches though)
I think the biggest problem with this engine right now is that I…well I sorta…kinda…
I used MP2Ds stuff! There I said it, yeah Im ashamed smacks self in face. But I just didnt have any other sprites at the time and I didnt feel like scowering the internet that very moment for sprites that arent anywhere near as good quality as these are. I DO
plan o changeing then just as soon as I can (hopefully befor I get Banned from P2D)
Well, that probably wasnt a good enough exuse, Mods, ban me if you must, but the fan
of P2D INSIDE ME WILL NOT DIE!!! Well, heres my engine:


yeah, i set the speed to be slow, so that i could see glitches, i forget to reset it, sorry, and your link is corrupt

XD You didnt remove it yet?? did you fall asleep yesterday??

hey everyone, im updating the engine right now, i am sending the engine to ed for colllision detection, while he fixes that, i will work on other abilities (walljump, and ledges today)

XD I hope this is a guy you can trust! Cause well what if he ends up stealing your engine!!! well then you trust him

ed is already finished with most of an engine

oh then i guess it doesnt matter…

yeah, i trust ed pretty well, ed doesn’t have anything to gain by stealing an engine, lol

guess so…

never mind, glitches fixed!

koo im koo like that

The link works for me, so its either you, or its you.
But Ill post it again anyways:


hope that one works.

Download isn’t in database. Go back and refresh the page to get a new download ID.

OMG! Stupid Host-a, try this then:

when i try to run:

failed to load game data, file seems corrupt

Augh, Ill try creting another exe. Ill upload later.

Try sticking it in a zip file before uploading. Maybe your hosting sites just don’t like .exe’s.