Samus Gunship Dogfight

Here is a demo of a game I am making where you control samus’ gunship in dogfights - Scrolling Shooter Style. Sprites are not final, also is anything else I have used. Please post your comments and remember this is only a demo.

Game link removed to to re-design

Small Print
I have not created the Gunship Sprite, only animated it and the background and planets are not mine either, came with free resources package the planets and background did.

im going to be blunt, it is 1942…sideways!

controls 2/10 the ship is too slow, enemies dont dodge, i saw nothing worth any value

audio 5/10 the music is awesome, and I am a pretty sure that you didn’t create the music, the sound effects are not noticable.

graphics 2/10 the gunship is bland, and not animated correctly (2 or 3 frames if i am correct), and enemies are all the same, and each looks pathetic, with no relevance to the metroid series. the background is bland, and hardly looks like space at all, except for the planets…which you didn’t create… the best thing about your graphics were the shots that you shot out…those were the equivilant of the power beam single shot, and the ship isn’t a giant power beam. graphics really didn’t match eachother, showing that the game was created with what is most likely other’s code, and other’s pictures.

story 0/10 er…this is a simple as pong, but pong is a challenge that is not meant to be pretty. there is no story, no confrontation, if you added a simple boss, then i would have knocked the score up some since it is a gunship space game.

innovation 0/10 graphics were mostly taken from other sources, audio was most likely stolen, controls were less than expected, nothing really challenging (except for the troublesome controls), and the only thing that kept me from falling asleep is the fear that while i slept, the world might except this game as an actual creation. the code was almost surely ripped from other’s examples, and try to prove me otherwise!

overall, this is not a game, it is an abomination, and truthfully, isn’t worth crapping on, i try to be supportive, and i say this not because i hate you or anything, but because i want you to be successful, and if you do this again and again, it will be very unsuccessful!

it sucked as a demo, and the actual game with most likely suck even more if you do not do this on your own…but keep the background music…it was cool…everything else (graphics, sound effects, general sprites, and code you used) scrap.

it sucked, basic line, i give it a 1/10…and the only reason i didn’t give it lower is because of the music. dont waste any more disk space of mine with games like this please, have a nice day! :smiley:

also, this is not flaming, but an honest review, if you think it is flaming, download the game, and you will see otherwise!

morton, find your own stuff, design it, re-design it, and be creative, games aren’t made in days, weeks, or even a month, i have been working a a good game now for at least 2 months, and i dont even have a full first level complete. just whatever you do, dont use other peoples stuff! :imp:


Lol bork.

WinRAR won’t open it.

dude, i hate do discourage you but this is exactly the kind of demo that makes me want to remake it myself to make to look better. AHHHHHHHH…it a good concept but IT…LOOKS…SO…CRAPY!!!

My advice, try again.

I will.

okay then, have fun, try and do really good on it ther buddy! :slight_smile:

Fixed control issues, not too slow anymore

Aw, I’d like to see how bad it was. I just want the reasurrance that I didn’t do as bad / or I did worse and I gotta work on it.