Samus sheet from scratch

I ripped these from a fangame I’m making and stuck them as organized-ly as I could onto a sheet.
Power Suit, Varia Suit, left facing, right facing, etc.
No, she doesn’t duck. She’s barely 18 pixels tall as it is.
And I fully, most entirely understand these sprites wouldn’t fit in with any Metroid game ever, because the style is completely different. Outlines, obnoxious colors, REALLY messed up proportions, 3/4 facing the camera, etc. I know. All the graphics in this game are entirely custom.
And I also know that the outlines are blocky around the diagonals. That’s because I hadn’t intended to outline them in the first place, but I really think they do Samus some good.
The big sprites are for the subscreen. I also know they’re a bit clashing with the darker colors and realistic-ish proportions, but there’s two reasons for that. First off, the subscreen is 160 pixels tall. That means I’d have to make Samus’s head at least 80-96 pixels tall to accurately represent the sprites, which is entirely absurd. Secondly, the subscreen itself is relatively dark and if she were any brighter she’d look terrible on the dark background, even with the outline separating her.

Depending on the reception, I might post the game in the fangaming topic.

After reading, comments and criticisms are fully welcomed and encouraged.

I actually like them. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the NES featured larger graphics and smaller ones with different proportions and whatnot, and they worked out acceptably well. You pretty much didn’t shade anything, but there is a large enough amount of detail in the sprites that I don’t really care. :stuck_out_tongue:

They’s just really cute <3

They’re really cute, and absurdly well made. I am wowed and thoroughly impressed. !_!

=D I really like all those sprites, but the big Samuses have somewhat short torsos and wafer-thin waists… unless it’s the intentional style ^^.

soooooooooooooooooooo megaman style is it?