So I got the Wii version SBCG4AP today after a while of anticipation. Anyone else try it out? What do you think?

I was mildly enjoying it the whole way along, although more and more unique should-be-really-easy-to-spot-and-fix-before-releasing glitches kept bugging me every few seconds (seriously, they’re everywhere. You can’t avoid them, even if all you do is wave the cursor over the icons in the upper-left or click on the background), and the framerate gave me a headache jumping from 60 fps to 20 and back depending on the camera angle.

Then after 3.5 hours of playing I decided to check SB’s email and broke the whole game. I’m currently starting over.

It’s an easy glitch to reproduce:
Instead of clicking only once on the Lappy, keep clicking until SB finishes walking over and the monitor appears. SB’s head will immediately disappear from the background of the monitor. Congratulations! Now when you quit checking emails, the screen turns off and you’re stuck there in front of the monitor. Anything you click on will make SB say something along the lines of “not so intriguing”. Even if you use the map to go to a different area, heading back to SB’s house only makes your character invisible (except for a certain story-related upgrade which will just float around), and once again you can’t interact with any objects, even the door to the house. Or if you’re lucky you might get a far-away view of the house, being able to see in a room you’re not supposed to go in (yet?). Of course, visiting SB’s house triggers an auto-save, and apparently the internal switch causing this glitch is saved. So by now you’re already doomed to never enter SB’s house again without restoring a previous game, if you have one.

I hope the future four episodes don’t feature nearly as many glitches, especially ones that kill the game without the player doing anything unusual.

Otherwise it was good. I’ll go try again.