Yesterday was the first day of school in florida. Of course, for most of you, it probably hasnt started, and some of you have graduated (hopefully). Anyhow, my second day starts in a couple hours (im an early riser), and im really liking this school. Talk about your school here.

my school is shit i hate it the teachers are stupid the homework sucks i hate it.
none of the lessons are good, they all seem to last for days i hate the lessons. i hope the teachers die.

As of yesterday, I’m officially a high-schooler. =D

That was only registration, though. School for me doesn’t start for another month. This is with the US system, btw.

never EVER has to go to school again
Got my diploma of electricity-electronics in june, so no more school for me :smiley:

Let’s see, 3 years of basic school, 6 years of elementary school, 6 years of high school and 3 years of college, that makes up to 18 years of going to school. That’s just way to much… The school system in my country just sux, it’s way to long and to hard… you MUST go to school until you’re 18 years old, if you dont, you get penalties and are forced into some school anyway.
But then again, my country (Belgium) is known of having one of the best education systems in the world. :sweat:

is so glad the annoying school days are over

im starting sophomore year in september. a little over a month more to do NOTHING but sit around and post my heart out at forums. yay! but i actually am excited for school. its fun. i like school, and hate homework. i would seriously love school if it was just schoolwork, and none at home.

18 years??? my god!

And I thought my school started early. I go back on the 16th :angry: . I really don’t want to though. Oh well that’s life. At least I’m taking two art classes this year.

Wow troid, you seemed more mature than a 9th grader. Im a sophmore, and im lovin my new school. It’s not ghetto like my old one, but i havent really met alot of people yet. Girls, easy to meet, guys…um, they’re all too weird. But i plan to get a Phd so ill be in school forever.

oh well thats happy a thought

as for me i know i need it but i hate it…just ya im going inot 9th grade -.-

Lol, i like my school. It’s nice and diverse, with nice people (unlike texas). I could practically live at my school if i had a comp, room, and videogames.

wow i thought you were like 17 or somethin troid. im starting sophomore year this year and yeah i love my school too. where did you move to halberd?

From Fort worth texas, to tampa bay florida. Yes, troid seems far more mature than a freshman. Im alot more mature than a sophmore (coincidentally, i was told that today), but not on these forums.

cool… but whats wrong with fort worth? ive been there (granted only for a hour at the airport on a layover flight) and people seem nice enough… but i guess i wouldnt know enough. well how is florida? hot? dangerous (hurricaines!)? i always wanted to go there on vacation. the times my mom went she said it was great. :]

Fort worthless is fine if your white, and live in a white neighborhood. But if your black, or white in a black school, or black in a white school, or oreo in a black school, then your screwed pretty bad. The prejudice is pretty bad due to the Gangster/Redneck interaction.

Florida is very nice though, very cosmopolitan (racially diverse), and even though im in a mostly white school, i feel very welcome. I havent been here long enough to worry about the hurricanes, but i probably will sometime.

Yes, racism from both black and white people has probably been the biggest problem in my social life, but now that im in florida, it’s not a problem at all.

listens to sean pauls “give it up to me”

hmm well i never see that problem here. (so. california) but i understand in texas (rednecks).

Sucks for you guys. I like… kinda… ok ONLY A LITTLE BIT… my school. It dosen’t show you the bad side of human nature but hey, I live in a nice suburb with nice people and I’m not getting beat up. All fine here.
BTW My school starts next week (today is 8/17 Thursday) Monday.

Yeah, california’s nice, lots of asians. And my old suburb used to be good, but it slowly got ghetto.

Also, i’ve been wondering, do any of you guys log onto P2D from school. At the moment, im at school, and they havent complained (though i always delete the cookies). Do your schools do the same???

lol. my school is like that. something that sucks about my school is beacuse were never alowed to bring any electronics. theres all these back to school cermecial they tell you to buy laptops and cellphones an touch screen organisers etc… my school we were only allowed to bring this paper pencils and the basic stuff.

ya, my school sucks.

but maybe this year there gonna change…

BTW is the delete button new? ive never seen that.

School (at least not college and above) is essentially a part-time prison designed to keep kids and teenagers occupied for a good portion of the day so that the adults can get their work done. No, this isn’t some retarded conspiracy theory, it’s pretty much fact. Though the so called “main purpose” of elementary-high school is to teach children, but in actuality its a daycare. Thats why all we do is solve pointless questions and make arts and crafts that no one will see all day long. We aren’t really learning. We start to learn for an actual job in college when, by that time, we’re basically adults. School bites and I find it pointless, that’s why I’m delving into other stuff right now like writing and game design because I might actually need them in the future. What I won’t need is knowing which train reaches the station first*.

Oh yes, on a side note, children and teens used to be a larger part of the overall society dating back to the middle ages. They grew up as pages or apprentices and actually did things. I guess at some point “child labor laws” set in and these almost-all-year-long “schools” were developed to keep us occupied.

*Quoting an infamous essay question about two trains leaving a station at some-odd time at some-odd speed. The answer entails which one reaches it’s destination first or when they will collide with eachother.

I dont agree with you there. School has the added benifet of taking care of kids, but it’s made parents too damn lazy to care for them. School is for teaching children the fundementals of our world. Personally, i think America would be a much better place if either everyone was homeschooled, or their was some damn discipline. Beside the point, i think homeschool or private school is better for kids. But anyway, i think school should be for teaching kids, but we need teachers who actually understand kids.

Well it’s Friday. I’ve had 3 days of school and I can tell it’s going to be better this year. I still hate going though. It seems like such a waste of time. I do my best though and have all advanced classes. That might have something to do with why I hate it. Gold Leader, I pretty much agree with you, although Redhalberd does have some good points.