What classes does everyone have for school? Heres mine.

Section ID - Term - Course ID - Course Title - Teacher - Room - HOUR
4001-001 - YR - 4001 - Phys Science - Fisher, R - 127 - 1
3053-002 - YR - 3053 - Alg In Careers - Holstein, J - 232 - 2
6901-003 - S1 - 6901 - Explore Tech I - McDonald, R - 156 - 3
7701-004 - S1 - 7701 - Study Hall -1 - ***staff, sh - lecture hall - 4
1023-008 - YR - 1023 - English II - Campbell, K - 146 - 5
6840-006 - S1 - 6840 - Begin Woods - Rieman, G - 102 - 6
2023-019 - YR - 2023 - World History - Shepard, S - 253 - 7
7760-107 - YR - 7760 - Advisory - Wells, R - 230 - –

Grade - Locker Number - Counselor - Date Enrolled - Date Printed - House
10 - 2353 - ??? - 8/1/2008 - 8/5/2008 - ???

Keeping in mind I’m actually doing post-secondary (meaning… free collage classes!)… but yeah, my first semester sucks this year.
General Ecology
Fundamentals of Public Speaking (BLEGH)
Intro to Statistics (…I do not, however, get free graphing calculators. Bye bye, $100.)
Critical Thinking (probably second most retarded class on the list, behind Speaking.)
Intro to Data Communications (The only fucking interesting class on the list)

2 online classes, and then 10-2 on Monday and Wednesday, 10-1 on Friday, 12-1 on Tuesday. Great schedule, but it sucks… because I have to drive for half an hour-45 minutes to get there. That means on Tuesday, I’m driving more than I’m in class.

I commend you for taking Public Speaking. It’s better than it sounds, and quite useful.
But I agree on Critical Thinking. I suppose it could be useful. Perhaps…

I’m starting college for a computer science degree, and gasp, just like high school, none of my classes have a thing to do with computers.

Speech (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) 9:00 AM - 9:50 AM
Introduction to Literature (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) 10:00 AM - 10:50 AM
American Government (Monday, Wednesday) 11:00 AM - 12:20 PM
General Psychology (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) 2:00 PM - 2:50 PM

At least I have a couple scholarships (tuition waiver, and another $1800) that make my two years of college free.

I took it because it’s required for my AA degree =/ You needed to take one of a few classes to complete certain goals, and… well, wouldn’t you know it, my collage cut EVERY OTHER CLASS for that goal this semester. Oh, sure, the TEST for one of the classes is available (acting 1), but the actual class? Of course not!

…how many credits are you taking? It appears you’re taking 11 or 12?
Y’know, 16 is really really manageable <_< the only way it’s NOT manageable is if you try to actually study for “2 hours a credit” every week =/ completely unnecessary and makes everything impossible…

1- Personal Fitness/ Health (Fun…:confused:)
2- Physics (meh)
3- Band (yay for being in the top 10 bands in the state!)
4- Brit lit. (bleh)

Awesome, same here. which one are you taking?

If you’re talking to me, I’m taking 12. See, I have to take some classes that are only available in a specific semester. Second, I’m just beginning a new job (haven’t had one since last July). Third, these are pretty much the only classes that were available at the local extension center (the college is 20 miles away, whereas the extension center is 2). Fourth, all the other classes had to be 5 days a week. And I’m probably forgetting a few other more minor complications.

So in other words, it was either this, or I would have to drive 40 miles 5 days a week when I don’t have much money stocked up, and I’d have to get up earlier, and more than likely, I’d end up having a class at 8 at night in addition to the rest of them. :unamused: Of course, that last part’s inevitable if it’s true.

Well, see, that makes sense, then.

Oh hey, I didn’t say mine. :confused:

Current Events (I’m hoping this will turn out to be fun.)
Algebra 2 / Geometry 2 (My school combined the classes, effectively screwing over the credit system. I’ll be lucky if I graduate.)
Leadership 2 (Another course designed to screw me over, they made it required. D:)
Short Stories (I’m full of BS, this class will be cake!)
Team Sports (I may not have to take this.)
They shoved all the required courses on me in the last year, but wouldn’t let me take them before because they were full. This sucks.