sequence breaks

ive done a crap load of different sequence breaks in MZM. has anyone else done some cool ones worth mentioning? my favorite is the ‘no beam’ sequence break. dont get any beams, not even long beam in the beginning. only plasma beam (unknown item is required) and then right before you go into tourian, go BACK to norfair and get the ICE beam you skipped. (you need it to kill the metroids in tourian lol). this way, you only have that short beam, that dissapears like 10 feet in front of you. the one you start out with. use that the whole game. no wave beam either.

i did this once without getting ice beam, and then when i got to tourian i was locked in a room with three metroids, with no way of even stunning them :frowning:

lol that must be a pain!

well, i now how to break sequences on SM because i play that game since 94, but in ZM i never had the chance to examine the variables

i think i posted a topic with some things i found…

1 is you get the super missle case in brinstar (on your way to norfair from kraid)

you need the speed boost for this and its hard to obtain if you dont have the right techneques. i guess you can go online and search for “brinstar super missle” metroid zero mission, and it might give you a tut on how to get it. its pretty fun though, because you can fight ridly with about 14 super missles (lol dont even have to use regular missles)

another one is, with the same as yours, skipping long beam because in the long shaft in brinstar (left one) where you need the long beam to get thru, there is a secret passage above it.

To get the jump boots before kraid, The long vertical shaft in Norfair after you come out at top with the ice beam just shoot the missle block and go in and do a bomb jump until you break the bomb blocks and roll in then wall jump and fall all the way down to the bottom and fire a missle and another missile to. that is all I will put up here for now.

i have done the super missile one. can you really get 14? i dont remember how much i got. actually, you might be able to get more. but i dont remember.

i dont think i have done the early high jump boots trick. i should try that.
ive done early varia suit, early screwattack (really cool), and no screw attack, and lots more. i think i once got as much powerups as possible before getting to kraid. i got varia, high jump, wave beam, ice beam, screw attack. did you know you can actually skip speed booster? its a pain later cause you cant get soo many of the expansions.

you can also skip varia, screwattack, super missiles, and speed booster.

when you did the long beam skipping, did you skip wave beam and charge beam?

With the Super Missile one you don’t have to fight Imago.

yah. i wish there was a way to get super missiles before fighting kraid or ridley or imago. that is impossilble though. actually, you an GET them in ridley before fighting him or imago. but thats not helping because you have to fight ridley before you can leave.

How do you skip Speed Booster?

simple, you dont collect it after you fight kraid! :] it turns out, you dont absolutely need it for… anything… except expansions of course. but you dont need it to beat the game. try it! dont get speed booster!

Than how do I get out of fat boys lair and get the Screw Attack?

use the door you came in with. its seriously that simple. instead of speed boosting through the bottom right corner, wall jump back up to the door and go through. as for screw attack, i dont think you need it. get into the room with missiles. or dont get it at all. you dont need it.

its more challenging that way hehe.

I’ll try it than.

u can get screw attack early. my brothers gote screw attack, but hasnt got hi jump or speed booster. hes only 6 how did he do it???

Could’ve been an accident. I’ve never gotten Screw Attack early.

hey it is not possible cause you need the speedbooster to get the screw attack so unless he murdididlidurdlered kraid first it is not possible. If he did though he could have easily used the norfair shortcut I found when looking for powerupsjavascript:emoticon(’:lol:’)

not possible? hah! ive done it tons of times. there is a shortcut! you dont need speed booster. the hot room that you boost through the wall in the air, you can acutlly bomb jump behind it and get past. then missile the roof to get into the room. EASY.

that has a quicktime video of exactly what to do. and an explanatory paragraph. great site if you ask me. watch the vid, and try it!

Not possible! Because you have to have the ice beam to hurt them (i think) and in the first room with metroid theres only one metroid!

anyway, i did the skip beam thing, plus some other things, so i only got: the three unknown items, super missles, missles, morph ball, bombs and power grip and now i’m in tourian.

thats what i said. i couldnt hurt the metroid (or metroids, i dont remember). if your just correcting the plural, then sure, but i really did skip the ice beam. and i couldnt beat the game.

EDIT: i just did another one. order of items and bosses:
morph ball
long beam
charge beam
unknown item #1
power grip
varia suit
ice beam
high jump
screw attack
wave beam
unknown item #2
( i stoped here a second ago)

thats the best way to do it, make it so that when you explore norfair, you get everything at once. (ice and wave beam, high jump, screw attack) i think it saves time.

im going to skip speed booster. just to prove it again :]
i wish i didnt get ice beam yet. wave beam is so much cooler when its orange and not blue.

Holy crap, I just found out that Mother Brain is impossible with 15 missiles, 2 super missiles and 2 energy tanks is impossible!

Anyway, is the wave beam orange? I thought it were purple!

Now im going to get screw attack without neither speed booster nor varia suit!

wave beam is blue, only when you already have ice beam. if you dont, its the color of the long beam(normal orange/yellow).