sequence breaks

Its not the color of the other beams its a light blue and purple

Beam colors
long orange
charge same a long
ice blue
wave light blue
plasma green like on Fusion.

The Wave Beams only purple in Prime.

wave beam i think is more an attribute to a beam in the 2d games.

No chance. You need to take the backdoor route.

Nope, I did it! it’s kinda easy if you got three energy tanks and is good at bomb jumping! (Not that I am good at bomb jumping but anyway)

No, it’s purple in Super Metriod

How did you kill the Brain with only 15 Misssiles and 2 Super Missiles?! I never used the wave beam on its on in Super Metroid. I know Plasma Beam is Green, Spazer Beam is Yellow, and Ice Beam is Blue.

I didn’t kill her! That’s why I wrote “impossible”.

And Spazer beam isn’t yellow, it’s the same color as the beam that it’s combinated with, and when it’s not combinayed with any beam, it’s still combinated with power beam

I always thought it looked yellow though.

It IS yellow when it’s combinated with the power beam!

Just out of curiousity how do you check out the variables?

Skip some combos. Its a lot easier in Super Metroid though…

MZM is very hard on hard, the Mother Brain took me about 4 or 5 try with 4 and a half energy tank, I can’t see how to beat the game on hard with 15% with one energy tank on hard.

i didnt have too much trouble on hard because im cautious :^_^:

yeah, i think i died once while the pirates were chasing you… and maybe on one of the bosses

off topic : THIS IS MY FAV SMILIE FACE NOW!!! :^_^:

im back from oklahoma. about the beam colors:

power beam - yellow/orange
charge beam - yellow/orange
ice beam - blue

this is where it changes up
once you get ice beam, all the beams change to a blue color. all beams you get after this will be blue (they have the ice affect). but if you dont get the ice beam, they stay yellow/orange. so each of the following beams can be either blue (if you got ice beam) or yellow/orange (if you didnt).


unless you have cheats, you have to get ice beam before you get to the MB and therefore by the time you enable plasma beam, you will have already passed the MB and you will have ice beam. so you cant really get plasma without it being blue. unless, of course, you use gameshark or something.

I think I found a way to skip Mother Brain!! With enough energy tanks, you maybe can get the PB tank in norfair!

i know what your thinking of. and no, you cant. ive tried it. in the lava room, towards the lower corner of norfair. right? there is a power bomb tank high up and you can travel through this room with enough life. thats not the problem. you need gravity suit to jump high enough to reach it. :confused: if i am correct, you just cant get a to it without gravity suit or space jump i dont remember which. ive been looking for a way to skip mother brain for years. i might go searching again, now that you brought it up. this is the one your thinking of i hope. if not, inform me.

Yes, thats the one I’m talking about, and can’t you wall jump?

There isn’t a single wall jump underwater without the Gravity Suit to keep you from falling down too far before reaching the wall again. Or at least I’ve never managed it… Either way it would probably be too slow to get through the lava in time. You’d need to TAS it to get anywhere close if it was even possible.

…they wouldn’t let you skip the brain.

I have skipped

Long Beam
Wave Beam
Screw Attack
Super Missile (Got the expansion first)

And trust me, trying to escape the SP base, or defeating MB with that, only 50 missiles, and a few energy tanks isn’t easy (All on Time Attack mode). I ended up with 0:53:??. Not bad.

And got the Varia early.