sequence breaks

yup no wall jumping under water/lava.

thats a pretty good time dadude. i know that fighting anything without long beam is a pain. you should try skipping charge beam also.

i hate skipping expansions. i dont like having to worry about refilling energy or missiles. i like to get them early though. theres a crap load you can collect before even going to norfair.

what i have had trouble doing is skipping the acid worm dude that you fight in kraid. i would love to skip that, and just not use the elevators. ive also had trouble skipping power grip.

You can walljump in there, I’ve Single wall jumped out of that place where you get
that missle tank in crateria.

out of where? not the power grip place, you cant wall jump outa there. the walls curve up to an opening at the top… you cant do it.

even if you DID get the PB tank, when you reach creataria where your ship is, and its not the escape sequence, its programmed to save and heal u, not to take you off the planet, so no, there is no way to skip MB

But you can get to chozodia with a power bomb!


well then, eh…

go try it and tell us about it :slight_smile:

Yeah, little hard to do that right now… Ya know, threee energy tanks!

But good knews is: I got screw attack without getting either varia nor speed booster!!

thats good… not hard though. :] i prefer to skip screw attack. it gets in the way when you want to jump on a platform instead of through it. :confused:

as for the PB thing, IF you could get a tank before going to chozodia, you could skip Kraid, Ridley, and MB. i did it in a rom with cheats. im not proud of it…

but anyway yeah i used a ‘get PB’ code and went to chozodia in minutes, made my way to the chozo guardian, and beat it (hard to get out of that room without space jump… anyways i have a new plan.

with cheats, i will go to chozodia and beat the guardian, then go back to the normal scheme of things, and beat everyone, and collect everything, and see if i have to go fight the chozo guardian AGAIN… hmm…

The missle tank in the craterian chozo ruins.

oohh. okay.

have i posted my glitch find on this forum? i stay active on a LOT of forums so its very very hard to remember which ones i did which on sometimes. which is kind of what happened in the “my sprites” case… if i DID then sorry for bringing it up.