P2D seems so dead lately. Any reason in specific?
I used to go here every day, but nothings been going on recently. :confused:



PEDRundas: …
PEDRundas: P2D lost it’s head?
PEDRundas: that makes no sense, just to let you know
CandyManCriminal: take off the head, the body goes nowhere
PEDRundas: …
PEDRundas: I don’t like that
PEDRundas: it confuses me
CandyManCriminal: P2D is lacking a head currently
CandyManCriminal: cant
PEDRundas: fine
PEDRundas: I will
CandyManCriminal: xD
CandyManCriminal: we need a constant leader
CandyManCriminal: someone with access to all resources
PEDRundas: …
CandyManCriminal: that is on frequently
PEDRundas: not necessarily the game
PEDRundas: the site
PEDRundas: too*
CandyManCriminal: well without the head, the body dies
CandyManCriminal: not much goes on, less people show up
CandyManCriminal: course they could just all be busy
CandyManCriminal: or maybe just a combination

I find it funny you constantly post our AIM conversations XD
here, myspace, where’s next?

a porn site


…I really don’t understand you two

Me? :stuck_out_tongue:

Though I really don’t want the responsibility.

yeah…it’s a tough job
I would…but what Zurgy said

Well, whatever you do, don’t elect me. [/Reverse Psychology]

Kidding. I really wouldn’t want that job. I mean, sure, I’m on, like, every day, but that’s too much damn work to monitor everything. And way too much responsibility. I’d probably screw up on the first day.

Whoever it should be, they need to come here with more free time than any of us have. That, or some mad time-managemet skills >_>. Something to that effect.

basically, my free time
without the “me” part xD

i vote for nobody even thinking about me <_<
i may have all the time in the world (for now)
but i cannot run this xD
nor would i want to
i would horrible mess things up xDDDD

so, someone SKILLED with my free time xD

Yes, they must also have some decent leadership and organizational skills as well. Thanks for clarifying CM xP.

no problem ;D

I actually almost read this and think of this line:

Remove the slug and the host will die.

why does that sound farmiliar?

Cause you read Animorphs as a kid, just like everyone else.

thats right!
animorphs xDDD

that made a good show too <____<

…I hated that show >_> I watched one episode and got bored with it…
Then went back to all the lame anime I was obsessed with at the time. (I look back and just say wtf… such lame shows…)

And that’s why I grinned when I played Bioshock.



i demand it