Shopping around for a new Graphics Card

I figured I would come to you guys for help, considering I like to think of this place as my home on the internet. :stuck_out_tongue:

As the title suggests, I’m looking for a new graphics card. And, as the subtitle suggests, I’m on a bit of a budget. I’m looking for something that can keep up with most new titles today, but is relatively inexpensive.

Around $100 is my spending limit, I will go a little higher (think $5 or $10) if it’s worth it. So far, Newegg has netted me a couple of cards that I’m interested in, one of which is a Nvidia GeForce GT240, but I’ve recently fallen out of the information loop on what’s good and what’s not.

The card costs $105 ($85 after mail-in rebate), but I’m not really sure if it’s really as good as I think it is. Anyway, here’s the link.

Any input or advice (read: a better card) you guys have is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

that should be more then enough

For $100 I’d recommend an ATi HD 5770 as it outperforms the gtx 240 by a considerable margin.

I got mine for $110 a few months ago, and I live in Canada so it ought to be cheaper where you live.

Ha. Graphics cards. I’m glad I bought my gaming laptop, as I don’t need to worry about hardware and such. Seriously though, what kind of games are you gonna play? You might want a DX 11 compatible card, like mine.

both of the cards mentioned in this thread have DX11 support, though it doesn’t really help if you don’t have win 7.

Still running XP. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am seriously considering upgrading to Windows 7, thus the desire in some new hardware.

@Lilium: I’m looking to get a card that can play just about anything on the market today, but I’m particularly interested in reigniting my love with RTS with Starcraft 2, which as sad as it sounds, I don’t think my current card can handle. I’m sure a new card of the kind I’m looking at could easily, but I want to get something that’s gonna last me a little while before becoming dated, at least.

@Syntax: Thanks for the input. I’ll definitely look into a 5770. After a few seconds googling it, seems pretty sweet.

EDIT: Almost forgot, thanks CMC for jumping on the thread so quickly.

I’ve got 2x 260s for sale ($100 each) and a 240 for sale ($80, brand new, never used).

Take your pick. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well if your biggest concern is Starcraft 2 the GTX 260 or HD 5770 ought to fit the bill, I know that the 260 is slightly slower than the 5770 and I can run that game in 1360x768 with all the settings turned to Ultra and no vsynch.

With a 260 on SC2 you could probably run ultra at 1080p at quite playable fps.

And at $100 (from yours truly), it’s a pretty awesome deal too.

…Zurg, have I mentioned that I love you? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still in the very early stages of thinking all this through, but by the time the new year hits, I’ll have a definite answer on whether or not I’ll take you up on that offer.

But yeah, in all reality, SC2 is really the benchmark I’m aiming for, and if any of these cards can handle it, no problem, then I pretty much have my answer for whether or not these fit the bill.

Zurg, will you still be offering those cards for the next few weeks?

well the game autodetected 1080p but my monitor is designed for 768p and puts rims around the 1080p window.

I can hold onto them for you.

Sweet. :stuck_out_tongue:

I should be able to give you a definitive answer within a week or so.