well, 5 really
today is kinda over…

i will be acquiring three epic games

Final Fantasy 10
Final Fantasy 9
and Resident Evil 2

yay birthday money =D

ive played half of the first disc of 9, loved it
got to the final boss of 10, then my brother sold it tear
and played 10 minutes of RE2, adored it, then the emulator (or rom) stopped working tear


and i’ll have a nice chain of FF
9,8,10,12 (win)

Y’know… not to brag… but at one point I had final fantasy 5-10, tactics, tactics advanced, and RE4. And Chaos Legion. All epicish. Final Fantasy 8 could’ve been better and more interesting, I didn’t have the drive to stay up until four/five for multiple nights in a row until I beat it like I did with most of the others.
Oh, also, Legend of Mana, which is like someone rolled up all of the epic from everything you and I just listed and baked it into an epic cake.

Edit: And yay, indeed, for the birthday money.

my first few times through it took over 80 hours to beat
now i can off the whole game in a day
i had 2 copies of tactics at one point xD

is tactics advanced good?

and yes, legend of mana is epic pwn

what’s the big deal? any FF’s after 6 (with the possible exception of 12) suck

also whats legend of mana? is it in any related to secret of mana?

i enjoy 8-10
12 is good too

Legend of Mana is a PS1 sequel of sorts, and shut up, boy, they’re all epic in their own ways. >_>

AH FEEL YER PAIN. God, I hate that. I played through 1 and 3 on my PSP, had an absolute blast. But every time I enter the police station 2 crashes, no matter what POPS I run it under. ;_; And I hear so often that it’s the best…

i just found out they most likely WONT be coming the 13th D=

it says 2-15 business days after they’ve been sent
they’ve yet to be sent
and it estimate 13th-28th



Phail company thats sending CMC his games. PHAIL!!!

Wow. the add at the top is advertising Combat Arms, and online fps, and they’re showing how “Nut Shots” are the greatest glory.

I liked RE4 a LOT, and RE5 was amazing too. Gogogogogo borrowing games.

While I agree that six is awesome, I didn’t much care for 12. And 8 bugs me sometimes…
Daz, are you including X-2 in that statement?

FFT Advanced is quite good <3
It’s easier than the original, though. But still good. No perma-deaths unless you’re in a Jagg’d, which is basically a zone with no judge to stop deaths.

Legend of Mana isn’t considered a direct sequel, but it’s in the same universe/has similar gameplay, and you still see the sword/tree of mana, etc.
Nooo, they gave the Seiken Densetsu 4 title to that piece of crap Dawn of Mana >_< pissed that they made a 3D mana game
Edit: And I was really excited for that game, too… when I saw the early screenshots it looked so pretty, it was like Legend of Mana with spiffier sprites. Then they scrapped it and made it 3D.

Hey, X-2 had serious issues with the atmosphere, story, and music, but god DAMN it had good gameplay. One of the best ATB implementations yet, and the job-changing mid-battle was brilliant.

Either way I’m mostly just pissed at the nostalgic fanwanks who insist anything past 6 is crap, so don’t take what I said too seriously. :stuck_out_tongue:

(PS 4 is the best and if you say otherwise, you shall face the wrath of Ted’s shoulders. Bwahaha!)

Meh, also, wtf @ Sword of Mana. FFA/SD1 was an awesome game, and SwoM had such potential… but it just got mangled somehow.

And come on! They took out the Chocobot! That thing was awesome :\

X-2 had so many issues, i couldn’t play it xD
it was too…

meh xD

6 is better IMO

also 12 has the best ATB implementation also IMO…13 actually looks pretty bitchen too though

12 didn’t USE the ATB. >_>

13 on the 360 FTW

Ok I guess I need some clarification, what IS the ATB? isn’t it that charging bar that once charged lets you attack? Or is it something else entirely? Because if it is the bar then I’d say FFXII did use it.

To put it simply, yes, but there’s more to it than just the bar. For one thing, ATB charges the bar before your turn, while DTB charges the bar after you choose an action–and each action has its own charge time, while ATB executes them immediately.

Plus DTB lets you manually move around during battle, which ATB doesn’t. And DTB is a lot faster-paced, while ATB is often mistaken for turn-based since the gauges charge so slowly.

i hope they keep the same open world battling for 13


my games came EARLY!!!


see you in a few days ;D

Seaking? Pokemon??? WTH???