you know, i recently got skype, and holy shit do i love it! I can have conversations withought having to argue over the phone or give out personal information! Then it occurred to me, why not use it with some of the members here? after all, I have been a member for over 4 years (look at my member#)and i’m familliar with most of you. So how about it? what if we got together and talked face to face? My username is sgt.cortez15. see you later!

Yeah, I’d like to talk to some guys too, but I forgot my username. :confused: And satalite internet is teh crapz. I should be getting FiOS. But it works between 3AM and 6AM eastern time.

is satellite worse than high speed?

Ain’t got no webcam and ain’t gonna buy one.

you don’t need a webcam. you can just use a microphone. I got one at a dollar store and it works great! I don’t care if i don’t see your face, i like hearing people’s voices as well.

Well… I’ve got a mic, but I don’t have Skype. Plus I doubt it works on 64 bit. :stuck_out_tongue:

i don’t get it. 64 bit?

64bit operating system

Satellite has notoriously terrible upload rates, for basically obvious reasons.

Zurg, are you seriously bragging about how your computer can’t run as many things as other computers?
More importantly, what in the world of fuck makes you think Skype, one of the top 5 biggest names in telecommunications, doesn’t know how to click the “x64” button in their compiler?

what about you tim? you have skype?

Zurg, you just got burned.

I’ll look for a mic, and might get skype, however, I’m pretty tight for money right now (as in, I have absolutely none), so it might take a while.

I’m Zurginator.

I don’t care. :stuck_out_tongue:

I leave now. You mean.

I’m eviltimaster if anyone wants to add me. Call me, I’ll try and pick up :slight_smile:

how come nobody has any cash? I get 20$ a week (not allowance btw) and I still manage.

edit: Yes! I just had a 45 second converation with Timmeh! now I am a man! lol jk.

I lack a job, as does my parent. Thus, no money while we live with my father (my parents are divorced, FYI).

im being forced into labor of helping my uncle, i got 60 bucks yesterday, doing it again tommorow
but im sore all over so i might lose a finger =[

Heh, I could see someone trying to type with a missing finger.

“O I a trying to type the other day, but I a miing my left hand’ ring finger. It made typing very difficult. I couldn’t undertand a ord ith a “w” or an “s” in it. I’m o pied.”

Lol. Imagine losing one of the more important fingers (in typing, of course) like an index or middle finger. :stuck_out_tongue:

if i lose any digit it will be the index on my right hand, thats the one closest to the giant blade