So I finally got Super Metroid

I borrowed Super metroid from my friend a couple weeks ago, but I finally got down to playing it this weekend.

Im currently in Maridia, after finishing the haunted ship. I only have 4 energy tanks, and 2 of the reserve tanks (what do they do anyway?).

This game is awsome, and I’m no longer suprised by all the praise the game has gotten in the years.

Heh…I just got it of the Virtual Console a couple months ago…

As far as I know, the reserve tanks are there for either when you want to manually restore energy, as well as if you run out of energy. When you feel that you are low on energy, and you need it now, you can manually activate a reserve tank to heal you by 100 energy. Or you can put the tanks on auto, at which point they will activate upon you reaching zero energy. The manual is nice, but I leave it on auto all the time because that way you have a backup if you die.

Yeah, I hate Maridia. Not the actual atmosphere, I love that, but all the dead ends and one way passages really get on my nerves. Draygon was awesome, though.

How do you use it manually or set it to automatic?

And I already get the feeling that Maridia is gonna suck lol.

Open the menu, hit R, and select the Reserve Tank box and hit A to swap from auto to manual. >_>

And yeah, Maridia kills the game for me, but it’s pretty damn good otherwise.

You guys just don’t know what’s good. Only time Maridia kills the game for me is during a suitless run…

Oh, well, Daz already had you covered, Red. Yeah, that’s how you do it.

@072, I like Maridia, it’s an awesome atmosphere, and is excellently well done, but I’m not a fan of all the one way passages.

I LOVE Maridia. Especially the music (the melodic music, not the “babonggg”), which Daz hates.

Um, I do what now? I love that song, especially the met-met remix. >_>

I love maridia.
One of the best bits of the game, for me.

I hated Maridia the first time around, but I’ve loved it ever since… shrug
I love the music, too.

So I was enjoying maridia, and then I got a powerup, got exited, stomped my foot on the ground…and the game froze.

I hadn’t saved in ages, and I had gotten so far. >_>

BTW is that weird word dragon thing Draygon?

Yeah, it’s Draygon.

Poor Dray :frowning:
I always felt bad killing it, the small ones were so cute :frowning:

Nah, if you’re talking about the red snake guy, that’s Botwoon. Draygon looks nothing like a dragon.

Draygon’s more of a giant crayfish with an extra trout face coming out of his forehead.

Seriously. >_>

Oh, SHOOT, I forgotted >_<
I still felt bad electrcuting it to DEATH, though.

I loved killing Draygoon, I would always grapple onto a broken turret, it was just too much fun killing him like that, than any other way.

It was Phantoon I had a hard time killing. I could never imagine what the actual event that happened there was, did the ship crash land on the creature? Is the ship facility an old space pirate facility, and Phantoon chased the pirates out? I just can’t figure it out!

I just assumed it was an evil little thing, and so I killed it.
Or it killed me, that one happened a lot >_<

I always assumed that the ship was wrecked by the attack of Phantoon thousands of years ago (the manual states that it’s millenia old), then the pirates managed to bring the ghosts under their control once they colonized Zebes (the manual also states that Mother Brain influences Phantoon’s actions).

That makes sense, considering they have the same general “Ugly-ass fairly brain-shaped WTF creature with an eye.” Even though Phantoon’s eye is inside of his friggin’ mouth, but that’s ok.