So...Obama Won...

So yeah, Obama won. At least, that’s what every news outlet in America is saying.

Barack On.

Yes, yes he did. Twice the electoral votes that Mccain recieved.

Quite epic.
Obama wasn’t my first choice, but he’s still better than McCain in my opinion.

He owned McCain completely, hooray!

High fucking fives all around. :slight_smile:
I’m elated.

I was waiting for the BBC to announce Virginia at 207 votes, but instead they announced Virginia, California, Oregon, and Washington all at once. BAM. My brother and I jumped around yelling “OOOOH SHIT!!!” for like 10 minutes. Was awesome.

same, except i was alone xD

Nearly 63 million voters were dooped into voting for a man with a long laundry list of problems: :whack:

  1. He was quoted saying he will ‘bankrupt’ any companies emitting CO2. (50% of our electricity is from coal.)
  2. He was quoted saying he will ‘spread the wealth around’. (Horrible idea in a recession and a horrible idea all the time. The government never does what they say they will do with welfare and social security.)
  3. Obama’s advisors and VP lowered the tax bracket for tax hikes from $250,000 to $120,000.
  4. Obama is on shaky ground at best with Israel.
  5. Obama will appoint VERY LIBERAL Supreme Court Justices that will make law instead of interpret the Constitution and further legislation in favor of abortion and gay-rights.
  6. Obama has NO executive experience.
  7. Obama has no experience to be Commander and Chief, visiting Iraq for the 1st time in July, then openly disagreeing with our top Generals.
    8) Obama wants to socialize our health care. This will allow the government to tell YOU where to see a doctor, when, and which particular doctor no matter if you like them or not.
  8. Obama is NOT in favor of digging for oil on U.S. soil, no matter what he said, his voting record shows a much different picture.
  9. Obama wants to lower the paygrade of our troops.
  10. Obama has 1.2 trillion dollars in spending plans DURING A RECESSION.
  11. Obama has a long list of shady, Chicagoan associations.
  12. No one knows where Obama stands in his faith and it is 100% obvious he doesn’t stand up for Christian morals and sits on the fence with many issues.
  13. Obama consistently has shown he will do whatever it takes to “change” everything by promising the impossible and by changing his stances by calling it “progressive”.
  14. Obama wants to meet with terrorist leaders without preconditions.
  15. Obama wants to leave a gaping whole in the fragile Middle East by removing all troops, leaving everyone there to fend for themselves and giving the terrorists there free reign.


  1. The Senate and House are lead by Liberal Democrats. More Democrats were elected to the House and Senate last night. The last group of politicians in the Congress were the lowest approval rated group in history, passing very little legislation at all. With politicians in control like Pelosi and Reid, Obama pretty much has free reign and will do whatever he please. So, put the lowest rated Congress/most liberal Congress of all time behind the most liberal President of all time and what you get is: A BIG PROBLEM. Our country is on a slippery slope into socialism and destroying itself from the inside out. However, the media NEVER mentions the horrible job the Senate and House are doing. Again, people refuse to educate themselves and vote more liberals into office (mostly cause they “hate Bush”). However, hating Bush hasn’t gotten us anywhere but to a place with an even worse Senate and House and a President with the most shady background of any President that I have ever stu!

Okay, I was going to write you off as a helpless moron, but let’s go point by point.

    Here’s what he said.
    What it means: If you produce lots of CO2, then you pay a lot. He’s hoping that this will help people decide to turn to clean coal. It’ll be good motivation to go forth with alternative clean energy sources. 50% of our electricity is from coal, and 22.2% of the world’s CO2 emissions are from us. So maybe there’s a correlation, and we should do something to fix that.
  2. Horrible? Dunno, I don’t think reversing something that screwed us all to hell (George Bush’s tax cuts DURING A WAR) is a bad idea. I think it’s a good idea. Tell me, how exactly do you plan on running a country without spreading the wealth around? You should look into the history of income tax.
  3. Erm, I don’t even know what that means. There’s a special bracket where you can impose tax hikes, and a bracket that you can’t in? I’d love a source.
  4. Well, that’s just not true.
  5. Yeah, he’s for human rights. Not really a bad thing, but I guess you can argue that some people are second-class citizens.
  6. Compared to McCain’s years and years, right? Do you even know what the executive branch is? Hint: The federal executive branch consists of two people.
  7. Openly disagreeing with our current generals, after all of the ones against the wars were fired, yeah. And again, if we’re talking about Obama vs McCain, McCain’s been to Iraq 8 times more than Obama, and also said 8 times as many stupid things about the war. Note the mistakes on connecting Al Qaeda to Iraq, the claims that Iraq was recovering well during, if I’m not mistaken, the deadliest month since the war started for US troops, and a good number of other hefty gaffes here and there. There’s more to being commander in chief than having your arms broken and walking down the street in Iraq a few times. Surrounded by bodyguards and wearing heaps of bulletproof armor, of course, giving you no chance to talk to anyone.
    8) Hey, that’s a lie! Universal health care doesn’t mean that in every other industrialized country, and I don’t see what makes you think it would in the US.
  8. Obama’s not big on the whole drilling thing for a reason. It’s because energy independence translates to alternative energy for a lot of people. He’s still more conservative about it than most Democrats would like, though.
  9. That sentence doesn’t make sense. Do you know what a pay grade is?
  10. Yeah, he should go FDR’s tried and true way of 0 spending. Wait, that’s not what FDR did, is it… remember the New Deal? Which involved lots of spending? And was a good idea? It’s kind of like that.
  11. Here’s a photo of John McCain hugging George Bush, the man who started the second great depression. Can you trust him!?!?!?
    Digging up dirt on who said hi to who and when is kind of really stupid.
  12. Oh no, he’s not a bible-thumping moron. Whatever shall we do. Maybe we’ll wear mixed fabrics and eat shrimp and live in a fucking free country and not worry about superficial bullshit.
  13. He promised whack shit. That’s what you do when you’re running a campaign. Obama has plans for incredible amounts of stuff. Is having no plans for anything a better idea? I agree that Obama won’t be able to carry about everything he wants to, or carry out some of his ideas 100%. But at least he has ideas. If he gets even half of what he has listed on his website done, we’ll be an entirely new country (Lincoln comes to mind. FDR and JFK. The other Roosevelt. They all had TONS of impossible-sounding ideas. None of them got all they wanted to done.)
  14. Right on! Remember how well setting ultimatums has worked for us in the past? Imagine a world where, instead of telling Saddam Hussein to get the fuck out or else (so he doesn’t, and we proceed to massacre hundreds of thousands of people), we could meet with him and negotiate a peaceful handover of the country. Imagine a world where we can talk to North Korea and Iran, instead of making insane demands, and getting ignored. Imagine a world where we all have our voices, no matter how crazy we are, and where we can peacefully negotiate change without having to threaten military action. The US is the bully in the playground right now. We have friends, but even they don’t like us. We just beat up our fellow residents of Earth, and we don’t get anything done.
  15. And the other side wants us to sit there forever. We pulled out of Vietnam, we can pull out of Vietnam 2.0. There’ll be hell to pay, but there’ll be hell to pay either way. This way it’ll at least end at some point.
  16. What the fuck does that have to do with Obama?
    But I’ll address socialism. First of all, a slippery slope is a logical fallacy. So saying something’s on a slippery slope to socialism makes you a gibbering idiot. Second of all, you have to realize socialism is a spectrum. On the one side, we have pure capitalism, Rockefeller style. On the other, we have, let’s say Soviet Russia. Are we on either side? Of course not. But we’ve accepted income tax, we’ve accepted worker’s unions, we’ve accepted all these fun socialist ideas, and we’re still alive. Maybe we could deal with one or two other socialist things? No one’s talking about Soviet Russia. We just want to find the right balance. You’d be hard-pressed to convince people we should go back to Rockefeller capitalism among Republicans, and you’d be hard-pressed to find Communists among Democrats. We’re leaning socialist, and you’re leaning capitalist, but that doesn’t mean the country will fall apart as soon as you give everyone health care.



@PY: Lol. Very Nice

@Tim: Seconded. All the way.

@Dark Phazon: That has to be one of the most biased posts I have ever read. Have you even read up on half the things you addressed? The one that really made me laugh was your complaint about Universal Health Care. You do know that having Universal Health Care means that everyone gets to see a doctor, right? Everyone gets to see a doctor, from bums on the street all the way to Bill Gates. This sorta gives those of us unfortunate enough to not have Health Care a chance to actually, you know, receive care from a doctor.

Oh, and another one. So he’s gonna appoint Supreme Court Justices that will actually take the initiative to provide homosexuals their natural rights? Well, shit, I didn’t know he was gonna do that. Go Obama!

Seriously, take the initiative to research your points a bit more. Those two are just a few that I chose to pick out, considering that Tim already cracked down on your ignorance.

in MY america?!

Yep, I guess Obama sucks so bad he beat John McCain with 349 out of 485 Electoral votes. You know, everybody has to hate him.

I believe this country is screwed if any of the following occurs:
We keep the current president
We get a new president
We have a president
We don’t have a president.
In other words, I don’t think that anything that could be publicly accepted, or something that doesn’t lay down major hurt (My plans, but I won’t post them because of the previous statements) would help this countries economy.
See ya’ll in Japan.

Obama is epic
McCain is fail

It’s 538, isn’t it? Not 485?

Still though.

You, sir, are correct. It is 538. I remember distinctly looking up how many electoral votes there were when I began wondering why they needed 270 electoral votes to win.

In case anyone couldn’t guess, it makes it so that the only way one of the candidates doesn’t reach 270 is if the other candidate matches him at 269 votes.

Yeah, It’s really not hard to find. Bet you 10 to 1 you could google it and find it in about 2 seconds, depending on how picky you are with your links.

Tim, you are my hero, and also saved me a bunch of time by posting that before I got to it, and in a much better way, too =D

And yeah, that was a grand compilation of most of the ignorant unfactchecked bullshit I’ve been hearing, thank you for posting it so it could all be torn down at once, Dark Phazon.

i think its more that george bush lost than obama won. everyone’s just mad at bush and i think they’re taking it out on mccain :frowning:

even if I’m wrong in you’re eyes that doesn’t mean you should all flame me :angry: