So, what'd you think of the Oscars?

I, personally was behind The Hurt Locker the whole way, I thought that movie was GREAT. :smiley:>

They were pretty good. I agree, Hurt Locker deserved it all the way.


District 9 should’ve won everything. :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s an “Oscar?”


It’s a species of cliff fairy. Their intestines make a great aphrodesiac.

I already love you. :smiley:

I am pissed at The Academy, Hurt Locker was about a bunch of dickheads worthy of xbox live, and District 9 was clearly the best movie this year

Here’s the thing about the academy Awards: You should think of it less like an election, and more like an infomercial. Just one great, big infomercial, where other people from Hollywood vouch for how good movies are. It’s just not meant to be taken literally.

Because everyone knows District 9 should’ve won everything. Except for the ones Star Trek was nominated for.…ou-thought.html

My personal opinion? The Hurt Locker was a silly movie. What it seemed to grab people with is how “real” it was (read: boring). Supposedly, the fact that it lacked a plot and had intense suspense themes that didn’t mean anything or achieve any goal was a great allegory for the stress and existentialism of war. The problem is I get enough stress and existentialism just from living in the modern world and I’m not really impressed by it in a movie. I feel like if a movie MUST talk about real life, it should do it in a clever way. District 9 fits that bill perfectly. It’s almost a perfect copy of South African apartheid, but with fucking aliens. Aliens! Aliens are awesome. It should have gotten its own Oscar with a tentacle face on the statue for how awesome it was. Oh well.
Write anything about the war in Iraq, win lots of awards. That’s the way it goes I guess. The nihilistic war movie genre has been done to death and no one ought to give a shit at this point IMO, but what do I know.

I would only care about nihilistic war movies if they had fucking plots worth a damn, or characters that don’t add to my massive, daily growing, pool of contempt for american soldiers.

Maybe I’m just jaded by anime and I want characters as deep as the ones in a good anime to be in my oscar winners, but that hardly seems unreasonable to me, the only reason hurt locker won is because the fucking acadamy is made up of a bunch of self important bearded tossers.

anyway I’m going to stop quoting yahtzee now and go back to my anime, spare periods are awesome.