Someone is at it again

I thought that first sprite looked very familiar then on closer inspection it was MH’s sprite.

seriously >.>

Indeed, and the middle one is Slothien’s.

I know the missile was made by a P2D team member, too, but I don’t remember who.

His avatar is my bomb…

Did you look at the kids other "Sprites"
I can’t believe no one took notice to the fact that his sprites suddenly looked well proportioned, and correctly shaded.

Deary me, someone needs to take him down a peg.

Odd… whenever I click those links, Firefox illegal-ops. >_>

Sprite stealers go to hel-Looks for AK
One-way ticket, coming up! :imp:

Install Java, Daz (better yet, uninstall Java).

uh yeah, can anyone provide a link to a FF3 compatible java? None of the ones I’ve tried work. :confused:

The links don’t work anymore. Maybe lucien took them down?

heh maybe he grew a brain?

Zurg, my FF2 Java autoupdated :S

Tim, don’t uninstall java, it’s cool.
Disable it, though. Resource hungry slow piece of shit.

Yeah, or uninstall it, since it only comes in handy once every 3 years for tracking down a resource stealing shithead.

<_< It’s easier to enable than to reinstall, and unless your hdd is 15MB, why not?

Anti-bad-programs principles.


It might have to do with someone reporting him for copyright infringement.

Me <.<

I’m pretty sure a few people did it.

I’ve asked him to contact me, so I can get a full explanation.