Sonic Fan Remix

Okay, so I was browsing teh interwebz like I tend to do when I get bored and Fallout New Vegas gets buggy when I stumbled upon this, some group of awesome people went and remade the first three levels of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for PC using the Unity engine. The results are Amazing!

Below I have provided a link to the site where you can download this amazing demo of one of the coolest fangame projects ever, I hope this one stays alive.

glares at monitor

Link to site

I played it uesterday, and can only run it at with Fastest graphics at 800x600. But it was awesome.

Looks pretty awesome maxed out… Fun game, too.

I know it looks awesome maxed out, too bad my monitor won’t go past 1280x1024 and the game doesn’t support that.

That looks amazing! :smiley:
Demo = Sweet!

They did a really nice job, that engine is something else. I’m acutually able to play it. I have a PC and a Mac now, they bite eachother sometimes, but in general they’re friends.

WHOA :O_O: This(game)…IS…AWESOME