Sorry Guys

Sorry I haven’t been on lately, I’m on a ski trip :sunglasses:


…Wow…I posted this in the wrong thread didn’t I…

yes…yes you did.

this forum is so inactive i didn’t even notice. lol

So true… :frowning:

Who are you? >_>

^^^Who are you?^^^



For an “inactive forum” that was a crazy fast reply btw. And also, new members? What happened?

I brought friends.

just let it die already phlakes! lol

It’s like a forum troll. No matter how much you beat it, it just won’t die.

I am in despair…everyones desire to kill P2D has left me in despair!

What’s with this despair business? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just keeping it up at least until I finish watching censored as part of the fun is that people don’t even know what I’m referencing, espcialy funny as mr. google is a pretty smart man

After a quick google search, I see what you were talking about. Very funny. :stuck_out_tongue:


prove it with a PM or on this board…I’m not picky

you get a cookie, go buy one or something

Tim beat me to it. But yeah, there you go.

If you can tell me what anime it’s from then I’ll actually be impressed

Oh, I have no fucking clue. Would google it, but I’m too lazy. :stuck_out_tongue: