Sound Recorder

If I hypothetically needed to record voices or instruments, what’s a really inexpensive/effective, XP-friendly program that I could get?

You can record voices with a program called audacity. As for record interments, I’m not sure.

audacity is the “preferred” freeware sound editing software. additionally, you can try power sound editor. this is also free. goldwave is a little more spiffy but the trial version only allows for like 1000 or something actions.

If you wanna be REALLY cheap, go to:
Start > All programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Sound Recorder.


Don’t make fun of sound recorder, I’ve seen crazy stuff done with it!

What about microphones? I need pretty good quality, but I don’t want to pay too much.

Well, if you want a mic that doesn’t suck, and can record anything, Drums, Guitar Amps, Vocals, Your looking at an Shure SM-58. There about 100 dollars, which might seem like a lot, but its not. Thats the best mic you can get for a cheap amount. And its near indistrutible. Works after being drowned, lit on fire, frozen, driven over, used as a hammer, and way more stupid stuff. Trust me. Best thing there is.

Also, your going to need something to plug XLR into your computer, and your going to need some kind of interface. Line 6 Makes something cheap thats really effective, but I forget the name at the moment.

UtA I don’t mean to minimod or anything but there is an edit button

Any stores that should have it? Or do I need to get it online?