Sphere XP

I think this goes in here, since it’s a graphics thing.


Hey guys, the slow, inefficient and buggy software police called.

not slow for me

By slow I mean “eats up your CPU cycles for no good reason, and could be used for something useful.”

well it still looks cool xD

Just buy a Mac instead.

You can’t do that on a mac.

You obviously don’t know about all of the hidden cool features in a Mac. And, everything looks cool enough to the point where you dont have to mod it. XD

now try to right click

Just because Microsoft was gay and copyrighted “Right-Click” does not mean that I cant click the right button on my mouse. It says, in the convenient drop down window that appears, Back, Reload, Open in Dashboard, View Source, Save Page As…, Print Page… End quote. Never mind the fact that if I click my right mouse button on a word It lets me look it up in the dictionary, google it, use a thesarous on it, Cut, Copy, Paste, and give me writing directions (whatever that is) BEAT THAT!!!

It might look cool enough to a FEW people, but not that many. And on top of that, it’s a lot harder to mod if you don’t like it.

plus the right click thing was a joke xD
but yeah macs, not for me

why’s everyone banned?

PY was banned because if this, which spawned this and Zurg’s ban.


Omfg! Another person with at least some liking for macs? =D

Also… next person who uses the right click argument, I’m going to bash them over the head and tie them up with the stock mac mouse and then plug in ANY USB mouse and just spend a few hours right clicking over everything.

I wish I could come up with a more diabolical plan, but c’mon. How diabolical can you get with “Watch me right click on a mac!”

You could right-click them and move them to the trash. That’s pretty diabolical.

Hot damn, Tim, I like the way you think.

Windows are for losers. Losers that likes viruses getting butt fucked and slow motion operating systems.

C’mon, lets have us a sexy computer war!