sprite theft!

Look at this! Does that look like you samus sprite? Yes it does but no one beleives me! Somebody help I don’t like theives! Tell them it’s stolen!

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Edit: I registered, and… um… that’s not stolen. It’s not even close to MH’s.

That does not look anything like the P2D Samus… :sweat:

It’s just recolored! the gun is darkened! that’s all! And the chest lights are bigger! THAT’S IT! Recolor it back to the normal samus colors you’ll see what I mean!

Could you a link to the actual sprite?

I can’t be bothered to register and whatnot.

I have it right next to P2D’s. It’s taller, wider, has totally different feet, and a similar but completely different gun.

I think he is either blind, wants attention, or maybe he just realy hates sprite stealers that much that his eyes are playing tricks on him.

LMAO!!!1 anyway, i really dont want to register for things i dont really know anything about. please post a direct link to image. Maybe crop it in paint and then upload it into imageshack? I really want to see it. (and steal it of course ;p) lol jk.

u must be blind to think that its stolen…>_<

Been said… :sweat: