spriters resource

where have you gone? :frowning:


bah, shyguys are ok, but i miss Spriters Resource

I was wondering the same thing. :frowning:

They had more than The Shyguy Kingdom, and it was way more organized, in my opinion.

Though on the news before it went down, they did say that they were moving servers and redesigning the site. :slight_smile:

well lets hope they come back, and soon

Agreed, I need something they have :smiling_imp:

i prefer shyguy because you can find the exact sprites you need from certain games.



Works for me…

…did you seriously make a topic about TSR going down? The site goes down practically every other day. I thought this was a well-known fact.

see my last post xP

fail! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, this is the fifth topic on a site I’ve seen about tSR’s downtime. If it’s down for a bit, you won’t die.

oh but i did die
it was a brutal horible gruesome death

but i got better