Is there any site that lets you make a sprite without downloading software?



What do you think ive been using? :angry: It is just too annoying.

That’s what learning is for!

Ah bum, I forgot most people don’t move paint out of accessories!

nevermind, i got a program. :smiley:
thanx anyway :wink:

Which one?

Game Maker




hey… you there! i know you’re new but it’s generally not a good idea to bump 10 month old topics posted by members who probably haven’t been on for 9 months.

also… don’t use game maker (if you’re still here starfox xD)
paint is the best program for spriting. the game maker sprite module is probably not even as good as paint…

I think it’s funny that he said “without downloading” and then brought up gamemaker. Oh well…

Sorry. I didn’t check the date.

I use paint with EVERYTHING. It’s probably the best program out there (or in there) for spriting. Just keep practicing. I did, and thought I sucked for most of the time. But now I actually realize I’m not half bad. :smiley:>

MS Paint is a piece of crap.

Only if the user is a piece of crap.

Replace user and press any key.

not half bad?

you rape paint with a silver… rape tool <_<

If anyone mentions Paint.NET in this topic, I wish that they will die in hell and never return. D=

Also, GIMP is awesome. Although Paint is good for spriting, you can use GIMP to add aliasing and some effects.

Or…you could do that in paint. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh trust me dude. The user is not a piece of crap.
The user is a swede.