So Dazzy and I found a neat game. It’s basically Minecraft + Space Exploration with advanced building options. If you’ve ever played Freelancer, think of this as a similar game with the option to build/design/customize EVERYTHING.

The game is currently in Alpha, and you can play it for free over here

Here’s a quick video I put together of me doing random stuff:

And here are some screenshots of some creations:

“Pride” class Frigate w/ hangar for small utility vessel and multiple automated turrets.

A station reserved for our faction. Currently features 5 docking bays for small ships.

“Deflection” class Heavy Fighter. Features 5 shield arrays that can be manually attached/detached from the chassis. Each component has seperate power/shield modules.

The game natively runs as an online server so if anybody is interested in joining in on the fun, here’s the server IP:

I’ll try to leave it running as often as possible.


this is too much fun…

i feel like i need to build a server to run this 24/7…

god dammit i want the server up




Samus’s poop!





Yeah, you’re fucked.


jesus fuck


So yeah, there goes the past 2 weeks of work on that station.


This game could use some balancing still.

Or at least an admin command to clear sectors.

Or a way to catalog stations for backups.



not even MurphyMKX could handle that shit


Way to disappear when we needed you most, haha. Maybe not, but between Tarantura, Pride, Nibelsnarf and Murphy we might have had… a ghost… of a chance.

Yeah, probably not.


had i know i woulda been on =/

coulda spawned in somma my Harkonnen MKIIIs on the Murphy MKVIII or IX that held 8 turrets…

oh well