State Testing

So, as of late, this week has been dedicated to state testing, i.e. Bob Stumblestupid’s excuse to defecate on some 50 or so pages and call it “a test”.
The main “test” in these tests is an endurance test, a measure of how long you can stay alive in the putrid air created by Mr.Stumblestupid’s defecations. (boredom)
It leaves me wondering, to ye of other statehoods:
Do you guys get such crappy state testing once a year, or are ours just that bad?

(The few good things to come of this week for me, though, are a lack of homework (slightly) and a Euph party. Us Euphoniums have parties on the suckiest weeks of each month, or just random weeks.)

Used to have to take all those standardized tests. Then I went to college. Yay college.

Edit: The best one was the one that was supposed to tell us what field/major we would be a good match for. It was so freakin’ stupid. Not that it was inaccurate, but it took about three hours of my life to give me the same results that a fifteen minute survey could’ve given me. I should know, I had to take about twenty of those shitty surveys in my “career planning” class, and they all said “gg, you were right, you should go into computer science 'n shiz.” And all of those twenty surveys combined STILL took less than the total amount of time I spent on that test.

(I mean, really. There was one survey that ASKED, SPECIFICALLY: Are you a trendy person?
I answered no. I also answered no when it asked if I cared about what other people thought of how I look and if I keep up with the latest fashions 'n shit.
Then, at the end of the survey, it said this: You are trendy. You tend to keep up with the latest fashions and bla bla bla, very conscious of your personal appearance.
What le fuck.
And guess what? Even THAT inaccurate piece of shit told me I would probably be good with computers.)

Edit2: …This post started off as a one-liner.

Washington State had a state testing thing too. Originally called the WASL (“Washington State Aptitude test for Student Learning” or something like that), the just changed it this last year to the HSPE (I have no fucking clue what that stands for). I took the WASL. As far as I can remember, there’s three parts: Writing, Reading, and Math.

Students in Washington take the state testing stuff in the 4th, 7th, and 10th grade. You don’t have to pass the 4th and 7th (I don’t think, at least), but you must pass every part of the 10th grade test. If not, they can withhold your diploma.

I’m really glad I passed just fine. :stuck_out_tongue:

In Alberta we take standardized tests in grades 3, 6, 9, and 12(kinda duh on that last one) called ‘provincial achievement standards tests’ or some such malarkey they’re just called ‘diploma exams’ in grade 12

We get one to three tests EACH YEAR. And on top of that, we have benchmarks from our region to see who’s gonna fail the state test on the same material the next year.
(Not that anyone fails. These tests are so easy, they’re almost like your mom back in college. ZING!)

I really hate TAKS, and benchmarks.

Benchmarks: Once you take the first one in the fall, the rest are (literally) the exact same. They can’t even shift up the answer or questions a tad, it’s pretty much the same questions. And it’s so easy.

TAKS: Dumb people write dumb questions about dumb stuff no one gives a crap about. And the little “stories” in the Reading test are so annoying.

In general, standardized testing sucks. I could make really good arguments against them, but after taking two (with a third tomorrow) I just want to call them annoying and blast some Nazis in CoD.

I hate the tests themselves but i love the week.

I failed the MSAs (maryland state assessments) on purpose and still passed.
Standardized tests are for cuntplungers.

I have no more to say.

I second that. As I learned from the last one I took, they’re also incredibly racist and prejudicial. There were basically two types of questions: How undemocratic and evil is everywhere but the US? and Does communism = no democracy!?!?! The answers being very and of course. Oh, and there’s the occasional simply mis-worded question.

I live in Florida it is called “FCAT”(Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test)

And yes it is as bad as yours is…>_<

LOLOLOL state testing

college ftw

Thise are the best, because you know ou can put any answer and still get a perfect score, as they will throw out all of those questions after witing the test.