my french teacher searched usher in the middle of class with the smart board on

Usher is in your class? Is Akon and Kayne West in your class too?

Yes… We use Smart Boards in our school too… Not every classroom though, because that’s too expensive.

He is a darkling from The Darkness.

We had smart boards in middle school, but the district’s high schools aren’t funded enough to afford them.

I mean, I live in Texas, what else would you expect?

Hell, our teachers didn’t even have computers in every class. Welcome to the forgotten school of GA.

That said, here at college we’ve got some quite fancy tech in every room.

This. My high school was somewhere in between the modern age of smart boards and the dark ages of overhead projectors. We had those ELMO cameras, which was basically just a low-res video camera hooked up to a projector. The teacher could put a piece of paper or a book or something on her desk just under the camera, and it would project up on the wall like an overhead. The only difference was it used a camera and actual paper rather than those laminate sheets that always had to be cleaned.

My school district decided it would be best to avoid jumping headfirst into the 21st century, and decided to comfortably sit itself at the pinnacle of late 90’s technology. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure it is, you just need to broaden your horizons to include words people made up when making typos.

doesnt matter P.S. Im not shit im not evena human, like it sais somewhere im from the seventh planet from Serius B

Archius, I suggest you stop telling people what to do. It makes you look hostile and you’ll come off as unpleasant.

I’m confused. Did you actually mean ribbitbolt, or does Archius have a second account?

Archius deleted his post(s). Also, I have a feeling those two know each other. They’re both about the same age and are acting like they do.

Plus this-

Yeah, I’m not exactly sure what that post even means. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who’s Z.T.?

he was ArceusX until he forot how to post.
Z.T. is his initials.

It’s not all right. It originally was but now it’ not.

some guy at my school got a concussion because some other guy took him, fliped him upside down and drop him on the pavement. now he is suspended for 2 months

Nope, that story’s weeks old. Although that Ritchard kid’s still a bitch for going with the whole “he started it” story ON NATIONAL NEWS.

you live in texas, how would you know about what happend at my school in Canada. Who is Ritchard?
Are you computer generated apparently Bluecan isnt.

ohh… Everyone in my class is saying that he tripped him.
I don’t understand how he could flip him upside down.
I never heard of this Ritchard though.

I do not understand what this means. We are conversing about nothing. Stop trolling. That is all.