Super metroid restart glitch

I managed to find a restart glitch in youtube that allows you to keep all your items (except for missles) in super metroid (old game).
heres the link to the vid
I tried this myself, and found a chozo statue with a camera in it’s eye, like the one that tells the pirates that you’re there at the beginning by the morph ball. sorry this part isn’t in the vid.

Ah… Super Metroid breaking. The memories!

I finally got a vid of the “camera torizo” (me and my friends have come to call it), or chozo statue, here’s the link
sorry, i couldn’t find a spare rewriteable DVD, so I used my camera

Aww, super metroid :slight_smile:
Played that before I used the net, so I discovered things of my own accord. That was DAMN fun.

I don’t know anyone who’s gets through games these days with 100 percent completion without the help of an internet walkthrough or ARMax/Gameshark codes etc. This makes games these days far too easy - there’s always some help you can get, but it spoils the game, and the need to figure things out for yourself is gone, which gets rid of all the fun. I definately agree - doing things yourself is a lot more fun :smiley:

:smiley: i remember super metroid i used action replay codes on an elumanator near the giant metroid and i got stuck :sweat: but i eventually got past it